Training Video Cost: How Much Does an eLearning Video Cost to Produce?

It’s time to plan your eLearning video project, but there’s one thing standing in your way: budget. eLearning video budget is really important, whether you’re designing an internal video training or selling a video series as a product, you have to get a ballpark price for the project and you need to know how much a training video costs to produce. After all, pricing gives you an idea of whether outsourcing is actually an option for your business.

High-quality training video costs often range from $3,000 to $9,000 per minute—which is not only alarmingly expensive, but the huge range makes budgeting impossible. Depending on volume and style, Ninja Tropic’s pricing ranges from $250-$850 per minute.


What’s a fair, realistic price for an eLearning video? In an industry where providers are often coy with their pricing, it’s hard to get transparent information.

5 Training Video Cost Factors for eLearning

While we’d love to share a flat-rate, standard price for eLearning videos, the ultimate eLearning training video cost depends on so many factors. And you can’t judge the cost of your eLearning video project based on what other people paid for theirs.

Use these 5 factors to estimate how much you’ll spend on eLearning—and see how Ninja Tropic prices our projects.

1. Choose a Provider

An expert video eLearning production company, like Ninja Tropic, gives you reputable, professional content that achieves organizational goals—at a price point similar to freelancer pricing. Our team structure allows us to charge competitive prices for better quality.

Your choice of provider affects the price. In most cases, you’ll choose between:

A freelancer: Freelancers are often the cheapest option, but for a reason. There are good freelancers out there, but they aren’t always reliable. Plus, if you want to scale production, it means hiring and managing more freelancers.

Internal staff: Internal staff are a great resource, but you don’t need to employ five animators to complete one eLearning video series. It’s too expensive and you probably won’t use these employees at full capacity.

An external agency: More often than not, agencies are the most expensive option. It’s unusual to find an agency that specializes in eLearning video, too, so you’re paying more for less-specialized work.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go with any of these options.

Training video cost comparison chart

2. Where Are You Today?

Educational video production cost for eLearning also depends on how prepared you are. Are you going to a vendor with learning objectives, goals, and a script in place already? If so, you can expect to pay less. That’s because you’ve done a lot of the legwork for your provider.

If you need help with instructional design and scripting, you may pay more for the extra work. This shouldn’t discourage you from working with your vendor, though: Ninja Tropic’s instructional designers help our clients get better results. While it might cost a bit more, the extra help could mean you get a better video.


3. What’s Your Vendor’s Process?

Your vendor’s work process also affects the educational video production cost of eLearning videos. You want a vendor who has a proven, streamlined approach. This reduces the need for annoying edits late in the game, saving you more time and money.

Ninja Tropic gives our clients a set quote per video after completing the storyboarding stage. This helps us understand what it takes to make these videos, which translates into a very accurate quote.

While it might take some time to put together an accurate estimate, this is a flat fee that’s often cheaper than other video providers, anyway. With a bit of patience, you get a definitive quote customized for your project.


Training video production process

4. What Video Style Do You Want?

Aside from your eLearning video vendor, components of the video itself will affect the total training video cost. What style do you want? Different artistic styles require specialized skills, which means the price varies by video style.

For example, 3D animation costs more than standard motion graphics. 3D introduces an extra dimension to the video that requires more work, time, and expertise, so it’s going to cost more to produce. If you want intricate characters, interactions, or scenarios, you can expect to pay more for a higher level of detail.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, whiteboard-style videos are usually simple to put together, so they’re cheaper.


5. How Many Videos Do You Need?

The last factor that influences the training cost of eLearning videos is volume. Most eLearning video providers will cut you a better deal on per-video pricing if you order in bulk.

In other words, making more videos might contribute to a higher overall cost, but your cost per video is still cheaper. This is ideal if you need to produce videos at scale.

Your vendor should provide a flat-rate price per video at this point. This way, you can see exactly where your budget dollars are going.


Educational Video Production illustration

Ninja Tropic Pricing

Want to see for yourself the Ninja Tropic difference?

Training video cost for eLearning shouldn’t be outrageously overpriced or complicated. It’s simply a matter of knowing your needs and following a proven process.

A process like the one we’ve used for a variety of projects for each and every one of our satisfied clients.

Ready to take your educational videos to the next level with simplified pricing? Contact us today!

Ninja Tropic eLearning Training Video Cost Prototype

The Bottom Line

In an ideal world, you can get high-quality eLearning videos without sky-high rates. Fortunately, Ninja Tropic gives our clients an ideal scenario: get studio-level content at reasonable prices that rival freelancer rates.

Curious about how much your project will cost? Get in touch with Ninja Tropic for a FREE brainstorming session and quote.