Ninja Tropic knows eLearning video and animation is an investment for your business. That’s why we’re proud to showcase the work of our in-house animators and video experts.

Curious about our team’s experience and skill level? Check out Ninja Tropic’s video eLearning samples. Get a feel for our style and capabilities with everything from 2D animation to kids’ content. 

2D animation increases learner retention and boosts your course’s value. Check out our 2D video eLearning samples to see what the Ninja Tropic team can do.

Avatar Animation

2D Avatar Animation gives you the authority of a SME with the convenience of animation. Check out our Training samples for avatar animation.

elearnin-videos Autodesk
elearnin-videos Wonderful
elearnin-videos PMP
elearnin-videos Direct Express
elearnin-videos Gatorade

Motion Graphics Storytelling

What’s your story? Ninja Tropic uses 2D motion graphics to communicate your organization’s story with stunning visuals.

elearnin-videos The New School
elearnin-videos PsychHub
elearnin-videos UCLA
elearnin-videos Genome
elearnin-videos Quizlet
elearnin-videos PsychHub

Motion Comic Storytelling

Detailed art style that will immerse your learners in a storytelling narrative with engaging visuals.

elearnin-videos ACAP

Frame by Frame

Frame-by-frame animation is an eye-cathing technique that creates the illusion of movement by making incremental changes between every keyframe, engaging learners frame by frame.

elearnin-videos Quizlet

Motion Graphics Infographic

Need to explain a complicated subject? Ninja Tropic creates animated infographics that explain complex ideas in less time.

elearnin-videos Segment
elearnin-videos RedCross
elearnin-videos AT&T
elearnin-videos Petersons
elearnin-videos Picwell
elearnin-videos Bfree

Whiteboard animation is one of the most popular eLearning video styles. Tell your story with simulated pictures drawn on a whiteboard.

Advanced whiteboard

Advanced whiteboard eLearning videos are both engaging and professional. Check out our team’s microlearning samples for whiteboard animation.

elearnin-videos IDA
elearnin-videos Comcast
elearnin-videos Farm
elearnin-videos SAFLEO
elearnin-videos University of Delaware
elearnin-videos NYU Langone

Simple whiteboard

Need a very simple whiteboard video? Ninja Tropic can streamline your script into a crisp, clean whiteboard animation.

elearnin-videos ACAP
elearnin-videos Financial
elearnin-videos Kathy's Project

Ninja Tropic’s 3D animation is state of the art. Whether it’s a character, scenario, or lecture, our team of in-house animators has the skills to replicate real-world subject matter.


elearnin-videos Airconvey
elearnin-videos Oldcastle
elearnin-videos Pureaire
elearnin-videos SportGait

The decisions you make in post-production can make or break your video. Ninja Tropic’s team of experienced animators and video experts enhance your video with our skilled post-production processes.

Live Action Lecture

Do you have live-action footage of a speaker or SME? Ninja Tropic is happy to incorporate that into your eLearning video. Check out some of our past live-action lecture projects.

elearnin-videos Critical Care
elearnin-videos Bitcoin
elearnin-videos TowerIQ
elearnin-videos PsychHub
elearnin-videos Knowledge City

Stock footage

Ninja Tropic’s team is more than happy to add stock footage to your eLearning video. Check out our video eLearning samples for stock footage projects.

elearnin-videos USA Swimming
elearnin-videos SocialRep
elearnin-videos Little Pim

Software walkthroughs are an important business tool. But you don’t have the resources to give an individual software walkthrough to all of your clients. Ninja Tropic creates realistic, helpful software demos that educate and inform. Check out some of our past software demo projects.


elearnin-videos Leaselabs
elearnin-videos Seatninja
elearnin-videos Provedpros
elearnin-videos Lexis Nexis

Kids love video, too! Ninja Tropic is proud to educate and entertain children with engaging, age-appropriate videos. Check out our video eLearning samples for kids.


elearnin-videos Little Pim
elearnin-videos Manos
elearnin-videos ACAP
elearnin-videos ZIA