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People prefer video. Whether we’re watching cat videos or trying to learn, we want to consume information through video.

eLearning video experience

But you already know that.

You’ve probably tried to integrate video in your eLearning. Maybe you struggled to squeeze decent work out of a freelance animator. Maybe you had a really hard time locating talent. Or maybe an agency tried to rake you over the coals with insane pricing.

When you go with a freelancer or pricey agency, you compromise on quality, speed, and cost.

Ninja Tropic gives companies with big goals another option.
Nobody can give you all Quality, Speed, and Budget like Ninjas can. Our streamlined team of Ninjas is here to give your learners an amazing eLearning video experience.







Our skills, speed, and obsession with
quality are unmatched in the eLearning
industry. Period.

What does

Ninja-level results

We get that question a lot! It comes down to our skillset and the experience we give every customer.

We chose “Ninja” simply because of our skills. We built a team that’s swift, efficient, and downright awesome. It’s the powerful prowess of our team that gives Ninja-level results.

In fact, every team member receives weekly training. Every Ninja receives coaching for animation, design, branding, and instructional design.

When you think of the word “Tropic,” you think of white sand beaches, relaxation, and maybe a margarita. That’s the exact experience we want for every trainer who partners with us.

We’ve got you covered.

Ninja Tropic is here to make mass eLearning video production a breeze. Stop stressing about video production and spend your time on the things that matter most to your business.

mass eLearning video production


We cracked the code to the trifecta (Quality, Budget, Schedule)! The Ninja Tropic difference boils down to four ingredients.


A lot of video ninjas that have mastered their skills


Account partners that feel like your favorite employee/magician


Love of proactiveness, processes and production systems


Ninja speed

Nobody, and we mean nobody, in the eLearning space can produce quality videos as quickly as Ninja Tropic. We’re an eLearning video company dedicated to Ninja-level speed and quality.

Our Ninjas are based in one responsive War Room, ready to tackle your project. It truly is our quality and speed for mass eLearning video production that makes us so unique.

eLearning video company

Grow Your Learners,


Ninja Tropic eats, sleeps, and breathes eLearning video production. We built our business to offer trainers a solution for quality, fast, and affordable videos.

Our Ninjas care about your results. We want the eLearning video process to be as simple for you as possible.

Let Ninja Tropic scale production so you can focus on content, grow your business, or simply take a load off.

The Ninja Tropic mission is to grow trainers.


Because we believe online courses make the world a better place. And we know video is the best way to encourage online learning to thrive.

Let us enable your mission to change the world. Partner with Ninja Tropic for better eLearning videos through the power of technology.

Partner with Ninja Tropic

Grow your learners, grow your business

Our first tenet is to always grow your business through quality eLearning videos. Because if your learners aren’t growing, your business isn’t growing. We’re here to help you get there.

Love planning, production, and processes

The Ninja team is obsessed with every aspect of eLearning video production. From planning to production to the nitty gritty processes, our expert team is always fine-tuning.

Take the hit, to hit the deadline

We don’t know the meaning of the word “late.” It’s simply not in the Ninja vocabulary. Our dedicated team of Ninjas works around the clock to get your mass eLearning video project out on time.

Humbled and honored

We admit our skills are the bomb, but that doesn’t mean we have a big head. Ninja Tropic is humbled to have such an amazing team. We’re honored to help trainers make a difference.

Long term commitment to client satisfaction

Speaking of trainers, we wouldn’t be anywhere without our amazing clients. Ninja Tropic was founded on the idea that the client comes first. We always strive to give a “tropical” client experience for peak satisfaction.

Diverse team, diverse solutions

We believe in the power of diversity. Our Ninjas have a variety of work experience, life skills, and backgrounds. Ninja Tropic is stronger thanks to the diverse voices at our table.

Have fun (Sometimes)!

All work and no play, after all.
Ninja Tropic takes our mission very seriously, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our work. When we find joy at work, we pass that happiness on to our clients.
And that’s what Ninja Tropic is all about.

Ninja Tropic takes our mission very seriously, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our work. When we find joy at work, we pass that happiness on to our clients.

And that’s what Ninja Tropic is all about.


We’d love to know you. Contact Ninja Tropic now to chat about your next big project.