How much does an elearning video cost?

elearning video cost

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eLearning video costs are often a source of anxiety for course creators. You know you want high-quality, professional work, but with varying skill levels and pricing between vendors, how do you know what’s fair?

You might be tempted to run screaming to Fivr after seeing your first quote. The thing is, you can’t compromise quality with eLearning video. Your brand and your learners’ trust is at stake here. Take our word for it—you don’t deserve bad videos.

Amateur work not only hurts you, but it prevents your clients from learning. And that’s bad news for your business.

That said, you need to know the fair market value for eLearning videos. Understand the value and work that goes into an eLearning video, as well as how much bang you get for your buck.

The value of video

Why do eLearning videos in the first place, especially if you have a limited budget?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we’re saying it again: eLearning videos are an extremely important investment for your business.

First of all, explainer videos are a goldmine for SEO. Did you know that 70% of all top Google search results are videos? This is key for growing your brand and establishing yourself as an authority.

Second, explainer videos have a tremendous return on investment. Sure, there’s an upfront investment, but they can bring in business for years to come.

Partner with a quality eLearning video production company. You can crank out amazing videos to churn out revenue for the long term.

Third, consider your costs and potential returns. Although a video costs $2,000 to $10,000, will you recoup those costs in the long term?

For example, what are you charing your learners to access this video? Look at the long term when considering the value of eLearning video costs.

Fourth and finally, how much time will your investment save you? On average, it takes two hours to produce a one-page script. That means a 15-minute video can cost 40 hours of your life. Is it really worth your time and energy to produce video yourself, or to outsource to the pros?

When it comes to eLearning video costs, you have to look at them as an investment in your business.

eLearning video cost

A high-quality video costs anywhere from $5,000 to $35,000 per minute. Of course, this varies dramatically based not only on the vendor but the video length and animation style.

Before you have a heart attack, remember that this isn’t necessarily “expensive.” You get a lot of work for your money, especially for a video you can use for years to come.

Here’s how eLearning video cost practices work.

eLearning videos are very time-intensive. Not only do they take a lot of time, but they require specialized skillsets.

During the eLearning video process, your vendor will do research, storyboarding, scripting, animation, and audio.

When it comes to the animation itself, you’re charged by the second. If you want to manage costs, limit the length of your animations to only what’s necessary for learning.

The style of animation you choose also influences price. For example, whiteboard-style videos are a little kitschy, but they’re generally pretty affordable. 2D and 3D animation involve character design, interaction, and a strong story. That does mean they tend to cost more, but you’ll see a better-quality video as a result.


The bottom line

We know what you’re thinking. In an ideal world, you could get high-quality videos without the staggering eLearning video costs. Well, guess what? Ninja Tropic is your unicorn: we deliver studio-level videos with freelancer prices.

Let’s chat about your project! We’d love to provide a free sample.

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