The Nature Conservancy: Articulate Rise Interactive Urban Heat Training

One of the world’s most effective environmental organizations tasked us with creating engaging online sustainability training.

Effective Online Sustainability Training
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Interactive Video Learning
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One of the world’s most effective environmental organizations tasked us with creating engaging online sustainability training.

About The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy has been working with communities since 1951 to protect land and rivers worldwide

Their mission is to protect these natural areas and resources on which all life depends

With 400+ scientists on staff, they have become one of the most effective environmental nonprofits in the world

Training Residents To Advocate For Their Local Environment

The Nature Conservancy came to us for help creating the online sustainability training for their Urban Heat Leadership Academy, which will train and empower Phoenix residents in disinvested neighborhoods how to advocate for their environment to combat rising urban heat in their neighborhood. This virtual academy would include learning from renowned sustainability experts, as well as engaging with and building relationships with their peers while still providing the participants the flexibility to learn at their own pace.

This type of interactive video learning should be experiential in nature and include ways to apply what the participants have learned.
The goal for this project was to create easily digestible self-paced e-learning lessons available in both English and Spanish to be inclusive of the different cultural and educational backgrounds of the participants. One of the pain points of this project was the emphasis on inclusivity, given that the audience would be residents of the most underserved neighborhoods in Phoenix.

Our Solution

Given the quick turnaround time, our solution was to rapidly create video lessons from end to end. Working with subject matter experts, we helped develop and finalize the e-learning scripts and provided the Spanish translation of the finalized scripts. We consulted with The Nature Conservancy on film production and emphasized localization by making all lessons available in both English and Spanish.

Using Articulate Storyline to embed video, we created beautiful and engaging Articulate Rise video lessons with a combination of animation and live-action video. These interactive video lessons included animated demonstrations and simulations, such as one about how to properly water your trees.

Modern and Inclusive E-Learning
For Nonprofits

The modern, minimalist animation style of these lessons helped us call attention to important points in order to enhance the understanding and retention of this useful sustainability information. To be inclusive of the local participants, some of the videos were in English with Spanish closed captioning, and some of the videos were available entirely in Spanish.

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