In this e-book you’ll learn:

Key Chapters:

Chapter 1:

Why Video Learning Is An Essential Learner Engagement Strategy.

Chapter 2:

Best Practices for Video Learning Animation and Animation Styles.

Chapter 3:

A Deep Dive Into the Process of Training Video Animation Production.

Chapter 4:

Scripting an Effective Video Training for eLearning.

Chapter 5:

Storyboarding your eLearning Video Training.

Chapter 6:

Creating Accessible eLearning Videos.

Chapter 7:

Practical Tips to Plan and Execute Your Video Learning Projects.

Chapter 8:

How to Create Animated Videos on a Budget with Production Company.

video learning guide, eLearning animation guide, video animation

You need to keep your learners’ attention, and you want to be proud of your course. There’s no better way to get results than with video training paired with animation in a Microlearning format.


Use this free resource as a startup guide to plan, execute, and leverage best practices to make  effective  eLearning video content.

video learning guide, eLearning animation guide, video animation

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