Simplifying Complex Topics with Patient Education Videos 

NYU Langone Health, a leader in medical research and patient care, embarked on a groundbreaking project to demystify near-death experiences (NDEs) for patients who have undergone cardiac arrest.

Understanding the complexity and sensitivity of the topic, NYU Langone Health partnered with Ninja Tropic, an eLearning studio known for its patient-friendly educational content. The goal was to develop a series of videos that could explain the scientific and emotional aspects of NDEs in a way that was accessible and comforting to patients and their families.

Simplifying the Complex with Patient Education Videos with NYU Langone

The main challenge lay in the delicacy of the subject matter. Near-death experiences, encompassing both medical phenomena and deeply personal experiences, required a careful, nuanced approach.

The content needed to be scientifically accurate, incorporating the latest research and insights from Dr. Sam Parnia, a leading expert in the field of consciousness during clinical death. At the same time, it was crucial to present the information in a manner that was reassuring and not overwhelming for patients recovering from cardiac arrest.

Ninja Tropic’s Approach: A Fusion of Science and Sensitivity

Ninja Tropic took on this challenge with a dual focus on clarity and empathy. The first step was to work closely with Dr. Parnia and other subject matter experts from NYU Langone Health to develop scripts that were both informative and sensitive to the emotional state of patients and their families.

This collaborative process involved multiple rounds of storyboarding, with each iteration refined through feedback to ensure that the content was aligned with medical accuracy and patient comfort

Developing a Unique Video Learning Style

Understanding the importance of visual learning, Ninja Tropic developed a unique animation style for the videos. This style was patient-friendly, utilizing soft colors, gentle animations, and visual analogies to help explain complex medical concepts and personal experiences related to NDEs.

The aim was to make the videos engaging and easy to understand, reducing anxiety for patients and providing them with insights into what they might have experienced or could experience.

Patient Education Microlearning Example

The videos incorporated a simple user experience design, making them easily accessible to patients of various ages and technological proficiencies. Special attention was given to the tone of the videos, ensuring that the narration was comforting and the imagery evocative but not distressing. This balance was crucial in crafting educational content that could be viewed within the hospital setting or at home, offering reassurance and understanding to those grappling with their experiences.

The animated motion graphics videos created for NYU Langone Health by Ninja Tropic stand as a pinnacle of patient education, skillfully blending a soft, comic book art style with visual analogies to demystify the concept of near-death experiences (NDEs) following cardiac arrest.

This distinctive art style not only makes the complex subject matter more approachable but also engages viewers by weaving scientific information into a visually compelling narrative.

The use of visual analogies—translating intricate medical phenomena into relatable, everyday scenarios—alongside a rich tapestry of emotionality, ensures that the content resonates on a deeply personal level with patients and their families. 

These elements combined craft a story that is not only informative but also profoundly comforting and reassuring to those grappling with their experiences.

Designed as microlearning videos, they are succinct yet impactful, making them accessible to a broad and diverse audience.

Each video, while short in duration, is dense with information, presented in a manner that is easy to digest and retain.

This format is particularly effective in a healthcare setting, where information needs to be conveyed quickly and clearly to aid in recovery and understanding

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The Outcome: Empowering Patients with Knowledge

The collaboration between Ninja Tropic and NYU Langone Health resulted in a series of educational videos that have had a profound impact on patients and their families. By providing a clear, compassionate explanation of NDEs following cardiac arrest, the videos helped demystify a subject that many find bewildering and frightening.

Patients reported feeling more at ease with their experiences, and healthcare providers noted an improvement in the way patients coped with their recovery.

Conclusion: A Partnership That Transcends Education

This case study exemplifies how thoughtful educational content can bridge the gap between complex medical research and patient experience. Ninja Tropic’s work with NYU Langone Health on near-death experiences highlights the power of patient education to comfort, enlighten, and heal. It stands as a testament to the potential of collaborative efforts to enhance patient care and understanding, setting a new standard for educational content in healthcare settings.

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