[Ebook] Strategic LMS Implementation: Driving Business Value in the Corporate World in 12 Steps!

Having a proper Learning Management System (LMS) implementation plan is crucial for ensuring success in several ways. It not only streamlines your educational initiatives but also significantly enhances the learning experience for your employees.

Our eBook provides a comprehensive guide to effectively implementing LMS in your organization. It covers everything from initial planning stages to post-implementation review, ensuring you have a clear roadmap to follow.


How can you maximize the FTE Budget with Cost Savings?

Our unique cost savings calculator demonstrates the financial advantage of outsourcing Talent LMS administration. By comparing the costs of internal versus external administration, organizations have realized significant budget efficiencies. Try our free calculator!

How the Calculator Works:

  • Base Salary Input: Enter the salary of whoever manages the platform
  • Benefits: Factor in additional costs and select the needed hours for Talent LMS administration services.

Calculator Insights:

  • Low-End Focus Hours: The minimum dedicated hours for effective LMS administration.
  • High-End Salary Equivalent: The cost comparison of internal and outsourced Talent LMS administration services.

Who currently does your current LMS administration?

Yearly salary of your current LMS Administrator

Yearly salary of your current LMS Administrator

Hourly after Benefits

How many hours a month do you really need LMS support? Important! You must select one of the options to continue.

How many hours a month do you really need LMS support? Important! You must select one of the options to continue.

Hourly Rate
  •   Fractional
  •   Part-Time
  •   Full-Time

Optimizing Talent LMS for HR and L&D: Enhancing Efficiency and Budget Utilization

  • Specialized Talent LMS Expertise: Our team’s familiarity with various LMS platforms, including Talent LMS, equips them to handle diverse challenges recognized by industry leaders.
  • Reliable On-Demand and Backup Support: Ensuring the continuous and efficient operation of Talent LMS, including updates and integration of new features, showcases their adaptability.
  • Tailored Solutions: Customized support plans, from part-time assistance to full-time administration.
  • Advanced Content Management: Expertise in organizing and uploading training content makes learning materials more accessible and effective for users.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Talent LMS’s analytics, administrators, provide actionable insights to refine training strategies.
  • Industry-Specific Tech Knowledge: Familiarity with eLearning tools like Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate ensures seamless integration of engaging materials into Talent LMS.

Elevating Talent LMS with Expert Administration

By choosing our LMS Administration Services for Talent LMS, HR and L&D departments not only optimize their FTE budget but also gain access to industry-leading expertise. This investment translates into enhanced training efficiency, cost savings, and a streamlined eLearning experience. Contact us to explore how our services can transform your Talent LMS utilization.

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