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Ninja Tropic helps you cut through the marketing noise to find your next LMS partner.

Don’t leave your video learning strategy in the wrong hands. Ninja Tropic helps you make faster, better video LMS buying decisions. Be confident in your LMS partner by leveraging our years of experience.

About Ninja Tropic

Our CEO and Lead Ninja Analyst, Erick Prospero, is a trusted eLearning video expert, video tech nerd, and thought leader.

Erick has assisted hundreds of companies with their eLearning video goals. He specializes in amazing experiences for learning and training videos.

Erick understands learning, large-scale eLearning video strategy, and LMS technology. He’s a critical asset for any company that wants to use a video LMS.

eLearning video consultant

Erick is a fiercely independent LMS selection consultant, thought leader, and blogger. He helps organizations develop and implement learning video technology strategies for real results.

Through Ninja Tropic, Erick primarily partners with enterprises, associations, and infopreneurs with video-based learning strategy. He’s the best eLearning video consultant for your

The Ninja Tropic

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LMS Buying Consultation


There are hundreds of LMS to choose from. Don’t make the wrong choice!
Ninja Tropic gives you an expert opinion on your LMS buying. We give you strategic advice, a sound process, and objective third-party opinion.
Ninja Tropic uses your needs and video strategy as a framework to find the best LMS partner.
Our LMS Buying Consultation helps you:
  1. Align your video learning strategy with your LMS needs
  2. Estimate your return on investment (ROI) for each potential LMS
  3. Clarify LMS features, pricing, and licensing
  4. Strategize to develop your content in the LMS
  5. Plan and roll out your LMS
Pre-Select LMS


What if you don’t want to spend the time reviewing all 700 LMS on the market with Ninja Tropic?
If you need to get your LMS up and running quickly, use our Pre-Select LMS services. Ninja Tropic takes your needs, feedback, and strategy to find qualified vendors in a jiffy.
In our Pre-Select LMS service, we’ll deliver you five potential LMS services that best fit your business. We can even help you come to a final decision, too!
White Glove LMS Selection

White Glove
LMS Selection

We know you’re busy. If you prefer a more hands-off approach, you’re in good hands. Ninja Tropic leverages years of experience to do all the heavy lifting for you.
For our White Glove LMS Selection service, we lead the way at every turn. Ninja Tropic handles everything from specs, RFP, vendor evaluation, hiring, and even contract negotiations.
Put simply, you can let Ninja Tropic do the selection and grunt work on your behalf. Avoid pricey delays and let our experience do the talking. You’ve got a business to run!


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