LeaseLabs is a full stack marketing agency. This multidisciplinary firm hires employees from different industries and values diversity. The result? LeaseLabs has an industry-leading client base for its campaigns.


LeaseLabs wanted to continue investing in their most valuable asset: their people. That meant creating an engaging training video to help their sales staff. With an engaging training video, sales would finally be able to streamline the sales process with less hiccups. The videos needed to be slick, engaging, and, above all, match the LeaseLabs brand.

Of course, LeaseLabs knew the value of an engaging training video. They're a cost-effective way to create training for employees and clientes. Far from a boring powerpoint, a screenshare's powerful voice overs, motion graphics, and music makes for fun and engaging videos. LeaseLab wanted that for their clients, naturally.

LeaseLabs decided it was time to take the plunge, and asked NinjaTropic to create their amazing screenshare videos.

The challenge? LeaseLabs needed 10 client training videos in one month.

Through the power of good communication (and a few pots of coffee), NinjaTropic collaborated with LeaseLabs to finalize the video scripts.

We then developed a video template approved by LeaseLabs. We changed up the template with screencast recording, motion graphics, and editing to create speedy, clean videos.


At the end of the project two Ninjas were able to produce the videos according to the client's tight timeline. Thanks to collaboration, teamwork, and grit, LeaseLabs got the beautifully designed videos they needed to communicate their value to the world.