Transforming Digital Learning: elearning Video Production for Primary Education

Creating an engaging and successful eLearning curriculum requires not just expertise in education but also in innovative content production.

This case study explores how Ninja Tropic, an industry-leading eLearning studio, collaborated with Zia Learning, a pioneering agency in primary and secondary education, to overcome significant production challenges. Together, they developed an immersive curriculum for the Cobb County School District, showcasing the power of strategic partnership and cutting-edge technology.

Revolutionizing Education with Video Learning, The Zia Learning Challenge

Zia Learning, known for its commitment to delivering high-quality, customized learning experiences, faced a monumental task. With a contract to produce a comprehensive curriculum for both grade school and high school topics for the Cobb County School District, the agency needed to create over 300 videos. These weren’t just any videos; they required a mix of live-action content, animation, and hundreds of curriculum documents, all while maintaining a small agency’s budget and timeframe.

Our Video Training Production Company’s Special Process

Recognizing the scale of the challenge, Zia Learning partnered with Ninja Tropic to leverage their expertise in eLearning content production. Ninja Tropic introduced a novel approach utilizing the newly launched Chat GPT technology, employing a “sandwich method.”

This innovative strategy involved subject matter experts and curriculum writers crafting the base content, utilizing Chat GPT for rapid content production, and then reviewing the output for accuracy and quality. This method not only streamlined the content creation process but also ensured that the curriculum remained engaging and educationally sound.

Scaling High-Quality eLearning Video Content Production

Ninja Tropic took full responsibility for video production, significantly expanding the scope beyond the initial 300 videos. The process was meticulously planned and executed, from scripting and storyboard creation to filming and post-production.

A team of 30 professionals worked diligently, managing every aspect of production, including recruiting talent for on-camera roles in both English and Spanish. This comprehensive approach ensured high-quality, engaging videos were produced at a rapid pace, meeting the project’s tight deadline.

Impact and Outcomes: Setting a New Standard in eLearning

The collaboration between Ninja Tropic and Zia Learning resulted in the on-time delivery of all videos, establishing Zia Learning as a leader in the educational content space. Unlike other agencies that relied on standard webinar formats, Zia Learning offered customized, high-end microlearning assets, significantly enhancing the learning experience for students in Cobb County.

This project not only built Zia Learning’s reputation with the district but also established a rapid development system that set a new benchmark in the primary and secondary education market.

Grade School eLearning Microlearning Example

The curriculum videos varied to cater to different educational levels. For grade school math, the content combined animation with live-action, engaging younger students with visually appealing and informative material. High school videos leaned more on live-action and sophisticated b-roll, resonating with an older audience through relevant and relatable content. The Spanish-language videos maintained the same high production value, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity

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A Lasting Legacy: Ninja Tropic and Zia Learning’s Pioneering Partnership

The success of this project goes beyond just the impressive curriculum developed for Cobb County School District. It represents a groundbreaking approach to eLearning content production, combining Ninja Tropic’s technological prowess and production expertise with Zia Learning’s educational innovation. This partnership not only met the immediate needs of Cobb County’s students but also paved the way for future projects, reinforcing the value of collaborative creativity and strategic innovation in the eLearning industry.

Conclusion: Leading with Innovation

The Ninja Tropic and Zia Learning case study is a testament to what can be achieved when technological innovation meets educational expertise. This project not only delivered an immersive learning experience for students but also demonstrated the potential for eLearning solutions to transform education. As we look to the future, the success of this partnership offers valuable lessons for content creators and educators alike, highlighting the importance of adaptability, collaboration, and the strategic use of technology in creating engaging and effective educational content.

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