Zia Learning & Ninja Tropic: Revolutionizing

K-12 Learning with SCORM Development

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Zia Learning, a leader in primary education solutions, embarked on an ambitious project with Cobb County School District to develop a cutting-edge, in-house learning platform. The project’s scope included the creation of 300 educational videos and maintenance of over a thousand learning modules in SCORM-compliant format, all hosted on a custom-built Learning Management System (LMS) developed over a decade by Cobb County.

This case study delves into how Ninja Tropic’s hybrid LMS Administration Service and expertise in SCORM editing played a pivotal role in achieving the project’s goals, enabling Zia Learning to deliver a robust and dynamic educational experience.


Zia Learning has established itself as an authority in primary education, with a strong in-house content strategy team. However, the volatile market and the demanding nature of their contract with Cobb County School District presented significant challenges.

These included the need for rapid development and updating of SCORM-compliant courses and effective administration of a complex, custom-built LMS.

The Challenge

Zia Learning faced multiple challenges that threatened to hamper the project’s success:


  • High Volume of Content Production: Developing 300 educational videos and over a thousand learning modules within the project’s timeframe was a daunting task.


  • SCORM Compliance and LMS Customization: Ensuring all content was SCORM-compliant and compatible with the district’s custom-built LMS required specialized skills and extensive experience.


  • Content Management and Updates: The need for an efficient system to manage, update, and scale the content in response to the evolving needs of the Cobb County School District.

Ninja Tropic’s Solution

Ninja Tropic provided a comprehensive solution tailored to Zia Learning’s unique requirements, combining expert LMS administration with advanced content production capabilities.

  • Hybrid LMS Administration Service: Ninja Tropic introduced a hybrid service model, offering Zia Learning access to an LMS administrator with the ability to edit Storyline files and manage course changes, ensuring seamless integration and updates of learning modules.


  • Video Content Production: Leveraging Ninja Tropic’s expertise in video production, Zia Learning was able to scale up its video content creation to meet the project’s ambitious goals, enhancing the learning experience for students.


  • SCORM Editing and Compliance: Ninja Tropic’s specialized knowledge in SCORM compliance was instrumental in ensuring that all learning modules met the technical standards required for seamless functionality within the custom-built LMS.


  • Flexible and Scalable Support: By signing up for a full-time plan with Ninja Tropic, Zia Learning gained access to a dedicated ‘Production LMS Ninja’ for 40 hours a week, with additional support during peak periods. This arrangement provided the flexibility needed to handle course editing projects and migrations with undefined scopes effectively.


The collaboration between Zia Learning and Ninja Tropic led to significant achievements:

  • Enhanced Educational Content: The production of 300 high-quality educational videos and the development of over a thousand SCORM-compliant learning modules enriched the educational offerings for Cobb County School District.


  • Streamlined Content Management: The expert LMS administration and SCORM editing services provided by Ninja Tropic enabled Zia Learning to efficiently manage and update their vast content library, ensuring timely and relevant material for students.


  • Increased Flexibility and Responsiveness: The dedicated support from Ninja Tropic allowed Zia Learning to quickly adapt to the needs of Cobb County School District, ensuring that the learning platform remained at the forefront of educational innovation.


  • Focus on Core Competencies: With Ninja Tropic handling the technical aspects of LMS administration and content updates, Zia Learning’s content team could concentrate on developing innovative educational strategies and materials

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Lessons and Tips for Managing an LMS

This case study highlights several key insights for managing large-scale educational content projects:

  • Partner with Experts: Collaborating with organizations that have specialized skills in LMS administration and content production can significantly enhance the quality and effectiveness of educational programs.


  • Embrace Flexibility: A flexible support model can provide the agility needed to respond to changing project scopes and client needs, ensuring the continued relevance and impact of educational content.


  • Prioritize SCORM Compliance: Ensuring content is SCORM-compliant is crucial for compatibility and interoperability within LMS environments, facilitating a seamless learning experience.


  • Leverage Bilingual Content: Expanding content offerings to include multiple languages can broaden the reach and inclusivity of educational programs, catering to a more diverse student population.

Ready to get started?

The partnership between Zia Learning and Ninja Tropic represents a milestone in the evolution of primary education, demonstrating the power of collaborative expertise in overcoming technical challenges and enhancing the learning experience. Through innovative solutions and a commitment to excellence, Zia Learning has set a new standard for educational content delivery, empowering students and educators within Cobb County School District and beyond.

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