How to find eLearning Video Experts

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Need A Video Course? 4 Steps To Find Video eLearning Experts.

You need to get results for your organization. That means inspiring, motivating, and ultimately changing the behavior of your employees, volunteers, members, or other stakeholders at the business. eLearning video is the most effective way to change human behavior, but it’s not without a learning curve.

If you’re in the market for an eLearning video course or eLearning video animation, bring a professional on board. Not only will you spare yourself from learning software or buying licenses, but you’ll also:

Save time: A professional has deep knowledge in this space. Let their expertise slash your timeline so you can roll out a course more quickly.

Save money: Yes, it’s actually cheaper to hire an external professional than it is to DIY eLearning video.

Get more results: eLearning professionals know what works for learners. Tap into their expertise to make better courses.

Even if your organization has an eLearning department, they’re probably at capacity right now. Outsource the work to crank out videos more efficiently while preserving your internal resources.

4 tips to find a trustworthy video eLearning expert

However, there are plenty of eLearning providers out there. It’s important to choose someone who’s worth their salt. Follow our 4 tips to find a trustworthy eLearning video production company.

eLearning video expert, video experts, eLearning and microlearning video experts, eLearning Video And Animation Company US

1. Prepare before your search

Don’t dive into Google just yet. Before you search for a video eLearning expert, you have to know what you’re looking for. Setting your criteria before a search will help you partner with the best professional for your project.

Before going on the hunt for a video eLearning professional, know your:

Learning objectives: What’s the purpose of your course? What do you want people to get out of it?

Audience: Who will be consuming this content?

Tone: How do you need this course to sound? What’s your organization’s overall brand?

Style: Is there an animation style you’ve seen that you like?

Scope: How many videos do you need? Is this for a six-hour course or a quick, 30-minute tutorial?

Timeline: How much time do you have to complete your project? Is it two weeks or two months?

Budget: A good eLearning professional will work within your budget. Know your limits before hiring a video eLearning expert. Not sure what to budget? Check out our eLearning video price guide to get an idea.

These criteria are important because they steer your conversation with potential eLearning solution providers. This ensures you’re only working with a professional that serves your needs.

A good eLearning video company will help you iron out any details you’re unsure about. Your criteria don’t have to be set in stone right now; you just need a general idea to help you find the right eLearning company.

2. Research a list of potential eLearning experts

Now that you have your criteria in hand, it’s time to create a list of experts. But where do you find video eLearning experts, anyway?

Referral: Do your friends or professional connections recommend a particular video eLearning expert? Get an inside opinion of what it was like working with this professional so you can make an informed decision

Trade show website: Industry leaders speak at industry conferences, after all. Check out a few eLearning trade show websites to connect with exhibitors and speakers. Here’s a list of eLearning conferences to get you started.

Google: Look at Google results for video eLearning experts. Make sure you vet these listings against reviews and testimonials, though. Just because someone’s first on Google doesn’t mean they’re a good service provider.

eLearning video expert, video experts, eLearning and microlearning video experts, eLearning Video And Animation Company US

Place these video eLearning experts in a spreadsheet. From there, you should evaluate their portfolio.

Any trustworthy video eLearning expert will provide a multitude of past projects and samples for you to check out. If they refuse, that’s a red flag.

Look at their portfolio examples. Do they use a variety of styles? Does their skill level match what you want to do? If their artistry or technical skills aren’t up to your standards, move on.

3. Schedule a meeting with the expert

Now that you have a list of potential video eLearning experts for your course, it’s time to narrow down the list. Evaluate each expert against your seven criteria:

Learning objectives

eLearning video expert, video experts, eLearning and microlearning video experts, eLearning Video And Animation Company US

Contact the professionals remaining on your list. Always request a phone call or video chat—you want to speak with them and get a feel for their business first.

During the call, ensure that the professional does, in fact, match your seven criteria. Can they fit you in during your desired time frame? Can they actually deliver what you need at the right price?

Aside from the seven criteria, you should also use this call as a gut check. Someone can be an expert in their field and still not be the right match for your eLearning project.

Does anything about this professional feel off? Do your personalities match or do they just not jibe? Politely decline any professionals that don’t pass your gut check.

4. Get a sample and a quote

eLearning video expert, video experts, eLearning and microlearning video experts, eLearning Video And Animation Company US

The final step is to request a quote from the video eLearning expert. This quote should not only include the price, but the deliverables and a timeline for the project. You want to get at least two quotes for your project so you can compare them against each other.

However, remember that you get what you pay for. You might pay a little more with one provider, but you could be getting more work for your money. Choose the quote that makes the most sense for your project.

Not every video eLearning expert will offer this, but try to ask for a sample project. Ninja Tropic does these as a test drive for our clients. This gives them a taste of what it’s like to work with us before they spend anything. This prevents buyer’s remorse, helps clients see the quality of our work, and dive enthusiastically into the project, knowing precisely what to expect.


eLearning should be simple and effective. Don’t get mired in inefficiencies or logistical nightmares: partner with an expert eLearning video company to transform your organization. Follow these 4 tips to locate the right eLearning partner for your business.

Of course, you could also partner with Ninja Tropic. Our team of experienced video and animation experts has created thousands of hours of video for hundreds of clients. Schedule a no-strings-attached brainstorming session to see if we’re a good fit for your project.