How to create Microlearning Video Animation in 6 steps!

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eLearning and Microlearning Video Animation is easy! Learners are already turning to video for information. Your learning department needs video content. There are 3 good reasons your department needs to invest in video training: learners’ natural preference for video, industry standards moving towards video, and the incredible financial savings with video courses.

Ninjatropic has perfected the Microlearning Video process – especially for engaging animation.

The eLearning Video Animation Process:

  • Instructional design: This is all about setting a learning objective and overall course goal. For example, maybe you want to teach nurses at a hospital how to determine a patient’s pain threshold. 
  • Scripting: Scripts help you save time while maximizing the value of your course. They are the bones of the eLearning animation. 
  • Storyboarding: While most eLearning companies use visual descriptions for their storyboards, ours are visual. This prevents revisions later on in the process, saving time. Storyboarding your microlearning videos is the first and the most important step.
  • Voice Over: While we’re all about quality visuals, quality audio and narration is a very important component of any successful eLearning animation. 
  • Asset Creation and Animation: This is where we design the illustrations and create smooth animations that bring the animations to life, making learning more engaging and fun!
  • Revisions: We do revisions after storyboarding and the video phase. This changes by project, but by doing revisions early enough in the process, it saves everyone time and money. 

Easy stuff right? Kind of but not really. However, we hope the resources provided make the elearning video DYI journey easier. There is technically a masters degree for each of these 6 steps…But that isn’t really necessary. We included a list of our top platforms to sharpen these skills to invest in your own skills cost-effectively.

Ninja Tropic makes sure that professional development happens for everyone on our team. That’s why we have daily Power Hours. For one hour a day, everyone sits in silence to either develop a skill or work on a fun project. They document what they’ve learned, too.

Create something like Power Hour for yourself. Even with just an hour a week, you’re developing your skills. We love these online video tools to boost your skills:

  • Udemy
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Skillshare
  • Coursera
  • School Of Motion
  • Domestika
  • YouTube

It’s great to focus on your learners, but don’t neglect to grow your own skills, too. Which of these platforms do you use for personal development? Schedule a Free Consultation with our eLearning Experts!


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