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eLearning and Microlearning Narration is Easy! While we’re all about quality visuals, audio is actually the most important component of any successful eLearning video. In fact, 90% of all YouTube viewers don’t care about video quality: they care about audio.

That’s why eLearning pros have to dedicate resources to high-quality audio, and that starts with better narration. But narration can feel overwhelming. How do you write a script that’s the right length? What does it mean to pace the narration correctly? And how in the world do you hire the right voiceover artist for the job?

Don’t sweat it. Ninja Tropic has compiled our 4 favorite tools to simplify the chaotic world of voice narration.

Tool #1: Estimate your narration length

If you’re wondering how long your eLearning and microlearning narration will be, or you’re trying to fit your script to meet the desired video length, this is the free tool for you.

The Ninja Tropic eLearning and microlearning video length estimator is a free tool that’s helpful for when you’re preparing a script. Keep in mind that the calculator can provide a rough estimate; for an exact length, you’ll need to work directly with your voiceover artist. Still, it’s a good tool for saving time as you’re writing a script.

That’s why Ninja Tropic uses this microlearning video estimator. Here’s how it works:


Grab the number of words in your script.


Plug that number of words into our estimator.


The estimator will tell you about how long the video will be, on average, based on the word count and pacing.

Tool #2: Pace your eLearning correctly

eLearning is like running a marathon: you have to pace the video correctly so your learners make it past the finish line. After all, you don’t want to overload them with so much information that they barely make it past the starting line before throwing in the towel.


If you’re making a more complicated eLearning video, you want a slower pace. This gives learners more time to digest the information. Let’s say you want to build a course on computer IT data. That’s a pretty technical subject. While your learners will likely have some knowledge on the subject, you can’t dive headfirst into complicated jargon. You have to pace the course so it ebbs and flows with learners’ attention spans and abilities.

But what pacing is best for your students? Should you go fast or slow? You don’t want your narration to go too fast because learners might miss something. But if it’s slow and labored, we guarantee learners won’t stick around to listen. You want learners to absorb what you’re saying and commit that information to memory. That’s why it’s important to strike a balance with your pacing


The best option is to choose an average narration speed, which hovers in the 1.7X – 2X range. In plain English, that means learners absorb the most information at double the average speed of a conversation. The average adult can retain information spoken at 2X, or 275 words per minute.

Not sure where your script stands? We’ve got you covered. Use the free Ninja Tropic eLearning Pace Checklist to see how your script stacks up to your learners’ unique needs.

Elearning Pace Checklist

Narration speed will influence how effective your eLearning video is. That’s why it’s important to understand narration rate and how you can alter it, based on the video you’re making and your target audience.

See if you should opt for a faster or slower narration with this easy checklist. Answer each question and assign the relevant points. If your total score is 0, go for an average pace. If you have a high score, consider a slower pace at 125 words per minute (including pauses).

Narration Pace Scorecard


Tool #3: Hire the right voiceover talent


You’ve written a eLearning or Microlearning script and now it’s showtime: recording the narration. Instead of doing the narration yourself, you’ll save more time and frustration by hiring a voiceover artist.

Voiceovers are a must-have for any good eLearning and Microlearning video, but they take time. Not only do you need top-notch audio quality, but the speaker needs to sound professional and confident. That’s why it’s so important to hire a pro instead of DIYing the narration. After all, you’ve spent a lot of time writing your script. Put it in the hands of a professional to get better results on a tight timeline.

Not sure where to find a voiceover artist? Ninja Tropic uses these 3 platforms to connect with experienced artists for our videos:

You can vet each artist’s experience and find the perfect match for your video’s content and tone. Best of all, these platforms facilitate the transaction for you, so you can connect with more artists in less time.


Tool #4: Getting it right the first time


I’ve hired a voiceover artist. Now what?

Congrats! The hard part is now over. But you’ll need to stay organized to move forward. We love organization, and that’s why Ninja Tropic put together this free Script Template for you to download.

This template will help you:

  • Clarify pronunciations with your voiceover actor.
  • Break your video into separate scenes.
  • Add narration and animation suggestions for each scene.
  • Map out the flow of the script’s video sequence and tone.

Track the images, graphics, and visuals you want to use in the video.

The script template will help you communicate with your voice talent so you can minimize rework. Best of all, with more guidance, you’ll get a better-quality narration from your voiceover artist in less time. Our clients love using this template because it eliminates revisions and guesswork.



eLearning and Microlearning narration doesn’t have to be a headache. Jazz up your eLearning videos with hassle-free narration using Ninja Tropic’s 4 tools. If you need a little more help, we’re more than happy to chat about your next eLearning video project. Chat with a Ninja now to score your free demo.