Elearning SMES and Animated Characters

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Subject matter experts (SMES) are a great addition to your eLearning video. But to get these professionals on film, they have to be both skilled at the subject matter and great on camera. That’s a hard combination to find. If you want to feature subject matter experts (SMEs), but can’t get them in front of a camera because:

– They’re shy.

– They’re busy

– They don’t sound natural on camera.

… you can recreate that SMEs with animation!

1. eLearning SMES

Avatars, actors, and eLearning SMEs characters are just three of the many terms describing characters that represent humans in the elearning space.
Ninja Tropic recently had a project where we recreated busy SMEs in
animated form. They were real people at the company who we
converted into an engaging animation. This made the course more fun
and engaging while using the SMEs expertise—without the stress.

Bryon Reeves lead a study, The Benefits of Interactive Online Characters (2004), that discussed some of the awesome benefits. 

2. Characters Animated

Here are some of some of the reasons why animated characters provide big advantages in e-Learning video.

1. The degree of character interactivity leads to heightened realism
improving the value of the learning and interaction.

2. Emotional, interactive characters bring social intelligence to online

3. Simulating a social exchange and enhancing the environment with
an interactive character leads to an increase in memory and trust of

Here are two amazing examples from our clients:


We didn’t have to worry about finding talent, scheduling, or on-camera anxiety. Animation was a fast, easy solution. In fact, it was so fast that
we were able to crank out the same videos in English and Spanish, boosting the client’s reach.

If you’re in a pinch and need to find a SME to speak on-camera, consider giving animation a try.

Curious how it works? I’d love to send you a demo. Set up a call this week to learn more, schedule here!


Awesome art made by our ninja

Patricia Argüello