eLearning 3D animation is an exciting frontier. As the technology continues to develop, it's only a matter of time before 3D videos and tools will be a must for all online training products.


eLearning 3D animation has a huge advantage: it makes learning fun. Because 3D is so closely related to gaming, it's easy to gamify learning. For example, you can facilitate a competitive, virtual environment through achievements and rewards. The sky's the limit with 3D animation.

3D animation also has a cognitive function. It facilitattes learning in a way that static, 2D graphics can't touch. It has the potential to build more accurate models that, frankly, 2D graphics can't provide.

Ninjatropic's clients use eLearning 3D animation to make learning more fun. Our clients have absolute freedom, thanks to creating video in three dimensions. We can even cut an object in half or see through items with transparency. This helps learners understand even the most complex concepts in a short amount of time. 3D animation has the ability to teach learners in just a tenth of the time it takes to view images or read text.

Ninjatropic's works with companies like Regal, PureAire, Marathon Motors, and AirConvey to create industrial eLearning 3D animation. Whether you're in oil, healthcare, manufacturing, or any other industry, everyone benefits from 3D animation.