Enhancing Cybersecurity and Compliance Training 

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity and compliance training, creating content that engages and educates is paramount. This case study delves into the partnership between Drip7, a cutting-edge microlearning content platform, and Ninja Tropic, an eLearning studio specializing in engaging video production. Together, they tackled the challenge of scaling up animation production to enhance cybersecurity training for modern audiences.

Drip7, renowned for its innovative approach to compliance training and cybersecurity education, faced a significant hurdle. While their platform excelled in delivering a user-friendly experience through diverse content mediums—videos, text, and quizzes—they lacked the internal capabilities to scale animation production. The goal was not just to create content but to craft educational experiences that resonated with a modern, often non-engaged audience.

Microlearning App

Educational Animation

The solution came through a strategic partnership with Ninja Tropic, known for its prowess in producing captivating eLearning content. Drip7 required a video production style that was not only modern and scalable but also capable of capturing the attention of a diverse audience. The challenge was to make cybersecurity training, typically seen as a dry subject, engaging and impactful.

Scaling Cyber Security Training – Animation Production 

Ninja Tropic worked closely with Drip7 to define a unique video style that would meet these needs. Together, they developed a video style guide, allowing for consistency across content despite the involvement of multiple illustrators.

This collaboration was critical in scaling up content production without sacrificing quality or cohesiveness. The videos adopted a “soft corporate style,” striking a balance between being approachable and maintaining a professional aesthetic, crucial for training that users would not only watch but absorb and apply.

The Impact of Engaging Cybersecurity Education

The success of this partnership was measured not just by the volume of content produced but by its effectiveness in addressing one of the industry’s most significant challenges: user-driven cybersecurity threats. Every day, employees encounter potential threats, from phishing emails to malicious downloads. The training developed by Ninja Tropic and Drip7 made crucial cybersecurity concepts accessible and understandable, empowering users with the knowledge to protect themselves and their organizations.

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A Model for Future Collaboration: Long-Term Success

This collaboration exemplifies how innovative content production can transform the delivery of essential training, making complex topics like cybersecurity engaging for all users. The videos, characterized by their gentle motion graphics and user-friendly approach, have set a new standard in the field of eLearning for cybersecurity.

By combining Drip7’s platform with Ninja Tropic’s video production expertise, they have created a scalable, engaging solution to one of today’s most pressing educational challenges.

This case study not only highlights the success of their collaboration but also serves as a blueprint for future initiatives aiming to make learning accessible, engaging, and effective. As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, the innovative approach taken by Drip7 and Ninja Tropic will remain a critical component in educating and protecting digital users worldwide.


Cybersecurity Microlearning example

One specific module, designed to tackle the pervasive issue of phishing scams, encapsulates the effectiveness of their approach. This module, lasting just a few minutes, breaks down the concept of phishing into digestible, engaging segments. It utilizes the soft corporate style animation to draw in learners with a combination of professional yet approachable visuals.

Key concepts are illustrated through scenario-based animations, showing common phishing tactics in a relatable context. Interactive quizzes follow, testing users’ understanding and reinforcing key messages.

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