Employee Onboarding: Trupanion’s Engaging Microlearning Video

We were tasked with creating employee onboarding videos for Trupanion, a caring, compassionate pet insurance company.

Turning Compassionate Company Culture Into Employee Onboarding Videos

Employee Onboarding Videos
With The Love of Animals in Mind

We were tasked with creating employee onboarding videos for Trupanion, a caring, compassionate pet insurance company.

About Trupanion

Founded in 1998 with pets and pet lovers in mind, Trupanion has seen massive growth in the pet insurance industry

With the mission of helping pet lovers budget and care for their pets, Trupanion has helped pets in the US, Canada, Australia, and Puerto Rico

Based in Seattle, WA, Trupanion offers cat and dog insurance, helping pets live longer, happier lives

Communicating Compassionate Company
Culture To New Hires

Trupanion came to us with the challenge of creating employee onboarding videos that communicated their values and made sure that new employees were aligned with the company vision. They wanted interactive video e-learning that was creative and expressed their love of animals in a casual, compassionate environment.


The main concepts Trupanion wanted to get across to their new employees were the problem that the company was solving (helping pet owners afford care for their beloved pets), identifying how each employee’s role contributes to Trupanion’s mission and recognizing how the company measures success in its employees. They wanted to communicate these messages in an effective and creative way to keep employees engaged and aligned with their mission.

Our Solution

Since the main goal of this project was to be able to effectively communicate the company’s commitment to their values, we wanted to provide creative, casual videos they could embed into their content. Combining animation and casually recorded videos, we created a series of unique company culture videos to highlight Trupanion’s vision.

A Creative Way To Communicate Company Culture

A key highlight of this project was the creative use of casually recorded videos, such as footage of the CEO on his cell phone integrated with animation. We really wanted to represent the client’s commitment to their values and company culture through the style of the videos as well as the company’s message.

Employee Testimonials

This creatively produced employee onboarding video project was successful in helping Trupanion communicate their message to their new employees. To see what our friends at Trupanion and other clients had to say about our work, take a look at our client testimonials by clicking the button below!

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