Finance Made Easy: Swire Coca-Cola’s Training Animation Videos

Simple, Easy To Understand Corporate Finance Training

We were tasked with creating engaging financial literacy training videos for Swire Coca-Cola employees, using animated analogies to simplify complex financial concepts.

When Financial Literacy Gives You Lemons, Make A Lemonade Stand

The most exciting part about this project was the scripting and concept itself. Using a lemonade stand as an analogy for corporate finance made the content easily digestible and helped the learners relate these financial concepts to their own jobs. The fun, vector-based animation helped make this lemonade stand analogy come to life, resulting in financial literacy training that isn’t dry or boring.

About Swire Coca Cola

Since 1965, Swire Coca-Cola has been producing, selling, and distributing Coca-Cola products in 13 states across the US.

Their goal is to deliver refreshment anytime, anywhere.

With over 7200 employees, Swire Coca-Cola is committed to safety, sustainability, and equality.

The Challenge

Swire Coca-Cola wanted their employees and leaders to understand corporate finance in order to improve their decision-making skills. The goal was to make the training easily understandable and relatable to the employees’ everyday jobs. To achieve this goal, we first created a prototype animated video as an example for Swire Coca-Cola to get a feel for our vision. As a result, they ended up purchasing 200 minutes of video production.

Our Solution

We assisted in the scripting of the video content and came up with a unique, simple way to explain the complex financial topics in a way all the learners could understand. By creating a series of videos with fun, vector-based graphics aligned with their branding and color scheme, we were able to tell the financial story of a lemonade stand, which made the financial information easy to understand and apply to their everyday tasks.

Employee Testimonials

This fun, vector-based animation project was successful in helping Swire Coca-Cola achieve their goal of improving their employees’ financial knowledge in relation to their jobs. To see what our friends at Swire Coca-Cola and other clients had to say about our work, take a look at our client testimonials by clicking the button below!

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