Safer Workplaces: Old Castle’s 3D Training Advantage

Do you need to explain a complex process or safety procedure, but it’s hard to find the words and 2D vision?

3D Videos are one of the best ways to translate complicated or abstract ideas. 3D learning has the ability to simulate the real environment and or a hypothetical situation. Oldcastle Infrastructure reached out to us for help explaining a new process for employees working on the line.

They were trying to explain the process with PowerPoint, but the message wasn’t getting across. The employees need to see and hear about the process, but scheduling a film crew was too impractical and costly.

Oldcastle opted for an animated 3D training video to explain the process visually. Now employees can access the video at any time and rewatch it to make sure they understand the new process.

Your plant, office or workplace can be replicated using 3D modeling, giving learners a realistic experience without the repercussions of mistakes.

This is also effective for safety elearning videos. Safety eLearning videos portray your employees and your approved procedures at your plant or job site. They are powerful because they immediately connects to the employees.


Check out the video sample here. Oldcastle loved the video so mucho that Ninja Tropic is creating more videos with them.

Are you trying to explain complicated ideas to your employees? We’d love to hop on the phone and chat about your needs..

Employee Testimonials

This simple, modern animation project was successful in helping Old Castle achieve a high success rate. To see what our friends at Old Castle and other clients had to say about our work, take a look at our client testimonials by clicking the button below!

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