Simplifying Benefits Selection with Animated Educational Videos: The Picwell Solution

In the complex world of benefits selection, where choices can significantly impact personal lives and perceptions of value, Picwell stands out as a beacon of innovation. This case study delves into how Picwell, a visionary in simplifying the benefits selection process, teamed up with Ninja Tropic to enhance its product offering through dynamic animated videos.

This collaboration aimed to demystify the benefits selection process for consumers, making it not just easier and faster but also more informed and efficient for all stakeholders involved.

Picwell’s revolutionary tool transforms the benefits purchasing ecosystem, benefiting consumers, carriers, marketplaces, exchanges, and agents alike. By leveraging advanced algorithms and data analysis, Picwell aids consumers in navigating the maze of available health plans, ensuring they make choices that are both economically and personally advantageous.

For businesses and employers, Picwell’s solution translates into significant cost savings, increased efficiencies, and enhanced effectiveness in plan provision and administration. This dual advantage establishes Picwell as a win-win solution in the benefits marketplace.

The Challenge: Enhancing Product Understanding Through

Educational Animation

Despite its sophisticated backend and user-centric design, Picwell faced the challenge of effectively communicating the nuances and advantages of its platform to a diverse audience. With annual benefits decisions carrying profound implications for employees, there was a clear need for engaging educational content that resonated across demographics. To address this, Picwell sought to develop animated videos that could simplify complex information, making it accessible and engaging for everyone involved.

Video Learning Solution – Leading Animated Training Company

Enter Ninja Tropic, an eLearning studio with a knack for translating complex concepts into compelling animated stories. Picwell’s partnership with Ninja Tropic was strategic, aiming to leverage the studio’s expertise in creating dynamic media that speaks directly to the modern consumer.

Ninja Tropic’s role extended from the initial design phase of the learning graphics to the final production of motion graphics animation. The process was streamlined and efficient: Picwell provided the scripts, and Ninja Tropic transformed these narratives into vibrant storyboards, created the visual assets, and brought them to life through sophisticated animation.

Aesthetics and Accessibility: Crafting the Corporate Art Style

The animated videos developed through this partnership adopted a corporate aesthetic that aligned with Picwell’s branding and the professional nature of its audience. This style choice ensured the videos were taken seriously by decision-makers and employees alike, facilitating a deeper engagement with the content. Recognizing the diversity of the workforce, the videos were produced in both English and Spanish, broadening their accessibility and impact. This inclusive approach underscored Picwell’s commitment to empowering all users with the knowledge to make informed benefits decisions.

Core Product Enhancement and Sales Support

The series of animated videos created by Ninja Tropic became an integral part of Picwell’s core product offering. These videos were not only educational tools but also served as key assets during Picwell’s sales processes. By showcasing these videos to potential clients

Picwell could effectively demonstrate the value and functionality of its platform, aiding in product validation and sparking client interest. This strategic use of animated content provided Picwell with a tangible advantage in the competitive benefits selection marketplace

The Benefits of Animating Safety Videos

The animated videos created for Picwell represent a masterful blend of corporate sophistication and modern style, tailor-made to resonate with the brand’s unique identity. These microlearning modules, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, leverage motion graphics to bring complex benefits information to life in an accessible and engaging manner. The aesthetic chosen for these animations strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and contemporary design, ensuring that the content appeals to a broad audience while maintaining the integrity of Picwell’s brand.

Each video serves as a concise lesson in the often convoluted world of benefits selection, distilling intricate details into digestible pieces of information. The use of motion graphics—a dynamic and versatile medium—allows for the seamless transformation of abstract concepts into clear, compelling visuals. This technique not only enhances understanding but also increases viewer engagement by adding a layer of visual interest that static text or traditional media cannot achieve.

The corporate-friendly aesthetic of the animations is characterized by clean lines, a refined color palette, and sophisticated imagery, all of which reflect Picwell’s commitment to quality and innovation. This design approach ensures that the videos are perceived as credible and trustworthy sources of information, which is crucial in the context of benefits selection where accuracy and reliability are paramount.

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Impact: A Win-Win for Picwell and Its Stakeholders

The collaboration between Picwell and Ninja Tropic has had a tangible impact on how benefits information is consumed and understood. For consumers, the animated videos have demystified the process of selecting health plans, leading to better-informed choices and increased satisfaction with their benefits packages.

For businesses and employers, the videos have facilitated smoother benefits administration processes, contributing to cost savings and operational efficiencies. Moreover, the enhanced engagement and understanding fostered by these videos have reinforced the value proposition of Picwell’s platform, solidifying its position as a leader in the benefits selection industry.

Impact: A Win-Win for Picwell and Its Stakeholders

The partnership between Picwell and Ninja Tropic highlights the power of combining technological innovation with creative storytelling. By focusing on the user experience and employing dynamic media to simplify complex information, Picwell has not only enhanced its product offering but also contributed to a more informed and efficient benefits selection ecosystem.

As Picwell continues to innovate and expand its reach, the foundation laid by this collaboration will undoubtedly continue to impact positively the lives of consumers and the operational success of businesses and employers alike.

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