eLearning: myths, challenges, and benefits of going digital

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eLearning is subject to many myths and misconceptions. Like anything new, it’s often misunderstood. eLearning critics claim that the method isn’t effective, or that it’s more time-consuming than in-person learning.

But the truth is that critics fear what they don’t understand. In fact, eLearning is proven to be just as good, if not better, than in-person learning. Best of all, eLearning caters to your learners’ needs, educating them when and where it’s most convenient.

Still not convinced? Here are a few of our favorite eLearning myths, and the truth behind them.

Myth: eLearning replaces classroom training

This depends a lot on your circumstances. Sometimes eLearning replaces the classroom. Other times, it’s a complementary tool for face to face training.

By itself, eLearning can be extremely effective. eLearning is great for knowledge transfer and personalizing lessons for learners.

However, many organizations aren’t ready to jump to pure eLearning. That’s why blended learning experiences are more common, where classroom learning and eLearning are used in tandem.

Myth: eLearning is just reading text

This depends on who created the course. Unfortunately, some course creators just toss text on a screen and call it eLearning.

But this isn’t true eLearning. Real eLearning aims to keep learners engaged with interactive content. For it to be effective, eLearning has to be more engaging than a textbook.

Multimedia like animations and video are common ways to increase engagement, as well as social media integrations.

Myth: eLearning is about cutting costs

eLearning actually comes with some upfront costs. However, over time, it’s true that eLearning helps companies save money. You no longer have to worry about flights, meals, or lodging to access classroom training.

But aside from the cost savings, there are many reasons to go with eLearning.

You’re able to reach more learners more quickly. You’re able to personalize their experience for improved retention. You can even make your business run more smoothly, thanks to consistent information.

eLearning is about way more than the money.

Myth: eLearning only works for teaching IT

eLearning can be used for just about any topic. From healthcare to construction, eLearning helps learners visualize information more quickly.

Myth: There’s no instructor with eLearning

Many eLearning courses still have an instructor. But instead of spending time on basic concepts, instructors can spend time on things like retention and skills.

eLearning simply enhances the role of the instructor. It helps learners master concepts so they can use them in their jobs, or in a classroom setting.

Myth: eLearning quashes collaboration

You might not be sitting next to your classmates with eLearning, but that doesn’t mean that collaboration doesn’t happen.

Digital tools like message boards, social media, video chat, and Google Drive help learners collaborate in real time.

The bottom line

With all of these myths about eLearning, it’s clear that the industry has an uphill battle to help critics understand its benefits. Although there are some challenges to eLearning, such as design, technology, and access, it’s still a successful model for modern learning.

Not sure if eLearning will work for you? We’re confident you’ll get the results you need. Contact Ninja Tropic now to see what the hubbub is about with eLearning.