Online Learning Video Project

WalkMe creates solutions that adapt technology for intuitive human use. They focus on freeing users for faster and more efficient tech use, no matter the software or industry.

WalkMe knew the needed to use elerning video courses to communicate their powerful solution on their video hub and online learning center. As a result, the team wanted a combination of simple character animation, screencasts, and motion graphics that fit in with their existing style. WalkMe also needed the videos to stand on their own, as well as be SCORM complaint for their new LMS.

microlearning videos, eLearning videos
microlearning videos, eLearning videos

WalkMe partnered with NinjaTropic to create seven animated explainer videos for their elearning video courses. The kicker was that WalkMe needed the videos delivered at lightning speed, with just a month until their deadline. While the average delivery time for one explainer video is up to five weeks at most agencies, NinjaTropic accepted the challenge.

Thanks to plenty of communication with WalkMe, as well as storyboards and our lean work processes, NinjaTropic produced the quality videos WalkMe needed. We used After Effects rigging mechanics and even sacrified a few nights and weekends to get the videos out the door. Above all, our commitment to quality and our love for animation goes far beyond the 9-to-5!


NinjaTropic delivered amazing animated videos to WalkMe that gave their users an immersive storytelling experience. Thanks to commitment, communication and smart use of tools and resources, NinjaTropic pulled ir out of the bag for WalkMe.