Visual Appeal: 5 Microlearning LMS That Use Video

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Videos allow you to reach and engage learners of all sorts, regardless of their individual educational needs.  They are even an excellent way to introduce microlearning video into the workplace.  This is useful for training new employees, especially now that so much training must be completed remotely.

The hardest part of integrating specific microlearning videos into your training method is ensuring that all employees can access them from home, on their own devices. Fortunately, that is where a strong video LMS platform (or Learning Management System) comes in. Here is a list of five learning management systems that utilize video content.

Talent LMS

General Description: With over 70,000+ organizations to vouch for its streamlined training program, you cannot go wrong with TalentLMS. This Microlearning platform allows for easy customization, interaction, and engagement, making it extremely versatile and user-friendly for all learners.

Key Features: Because it lets you build and organize your own courses and libraries, TalentLMS is excellent for microlearning video, which is shown to help with memory retention.  

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It has apps for iOS and Android devices, both mobile and tablet. With gamification, you can track points, make leaderboards, and earn badges (which can be displayed on LinkedIn). TalentLMS allows both embedding of third party videos or uploading your own (which you can watermark), and has free tutorial videos for using its features.

TalentLMS also offers premade videos for purchase, as well as a subscription for future content.  It integrates over 200 services such as Google Analytics, WordPress, and Slack.

Plans: They offer a free trial version and two paid options.

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General Description: Docebo employs an AI that simplifies user experience for both admins and employees.  It offers everything an organization focused on microlearning needs, including offline availability for mobile devices and ways to edit larger content into multiple shorter videos.  

Key Features: The AI will monitor user performance to aid, which will help you keep track of who is truly thriving in their role and who may need to improve in some areas.  You can also ensure the right content reaches the right people using Docebo Discover, Couch, and Share.  

It has a library of 700+ videos so less time is spent making content.  It integrates HRIS and HCM systems like ADP and Ceridian.  Its mobile app is built on the award-winning Docebo Go, and it offers a desktop program as well.

Plans: Starting price varies by number of active users.  The Docebo Enterprise plan is available to organizations with a minimum of 300 users for 30 days.  Monthly active user model is based on days of login, not number of logins  It also offers a free trial as well as a demo.

Learn Amp

General Description: This video Microlearning LMS Platform is particularly flexible in that it allows you to combine content from a variety of sources into something more cohesive and easy to consume.

Key Features: You can record content from any device and curate it with content from elsewhere (made in-app, found online, etc).  This can be turned into ‘Learnlists,’ which are compiled in your personal library for quick and effective training programs.  You can perform knowledge checks with different formats of quizzes, including video

microlearning lms, video lms, microlearning, lms training

Learn Amp can also be integrated with programs like Zoom and Slack for keeping everything in one place.  Finally, employees can add their own curated content, allowing everyone to pool their knowledge.

Pricing: They offer three packages-Learn, Engage, and Perform.  Engage includes everything in Learn as well as its own features, and Perform includes everything in Learn and Engage as well as its own features.

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SAP Litmos

General Description: SAP Litmos strives to simplify the learning process without sacrificing quality of content, which is exclusively video.  Offering solutions and options for a wide variety of industries, they are incredibly versatile without being too generic.

Key Features: Gamification is offered as an option.  SAP Litmos also allows for content creation and boasts an extensive library information that can be useful to anyone in your workplace. 

The API lets you share content from SAP Litmos to other Microlearning video LMS platforms.  You can create “learning paths”  for your employees by assigning a series of videos; with a dashboard and real-time notifications, you can even track their progress.

Assignments can be given to employees automatically. Additionally, your employees can upload their own videos which are reviewed by an AI (examining their word choice) as well as coaches and managers.

Pricing:You can sign up for a two week free trial

iSpring Learn

General Description: This Microlearning video LMS Platform has been around since 2001, so it should come as no surprise that it’s won numerous awards. What’s more, 27 of its clients are Fortune 500 companies.  It offers two separate products: one for content creation (iSpring Suite) and an LMS (iSpring Learn).

Key Features: iSpring Suite offers content creation in powerpoint format.  You can create quizzes, videos, and interactive text-based roleplays.  iSpring Learn simplifies onboarding by introducing new hires to your products and policies.  

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You can upload existing content such as WordDocs, PDFs, and videos and easily assign courses to employees. Content runs smoothly on PCs, Macs, tablets, and mobile (iOS and Android) and can be downloaded for offline availability.  It can be integrated with popular systems like ADP, Oracle, and Zoom. 

Pricing: Prices for iSpring Suite and iSpring Learn vary by number of users, selected features, and any additional software chosen.  There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, with restrictions.

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