Using Your Brand Voice for eLearning 

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Using Your Brand Voice for eLearning 

As eLearning becomes more popular, infopreneurs are facing more pressure. You want to create high caliber content that competes, but how can you really make yourself stand out?

If you’re following along in our EVT course, you’ve already seen the power of video microlearning, defining your course objectives, and communicating with stories. The critical next step is applying a unique flair to your course.

To stand out in a crowded niche, you have to create and sell a brand.

Why branding matters

Branding isn’t just for marketers. It’s a critical way to position your courses as the go-to resource for your potential clients. In fact, branding affects not only your business, but also the learner experience.

Branding helps learners see what they can expect from you. In a way, your brand tells customers what they’re getting. Are you an edgy course creator or are you known for being more subdued?  Branding consistency helps you avoid surprising learners, ensuring they enjoy your course and don’t feel catfished.

Your brand also builds a community for your clients. It’s a fact that strong brands make strong communities. When you stand for something, people will follow you. A strong brand helps learners feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves. Everyone craves a sense of belonging, and your brand can give it.

Clear branding also has a profound impact on your business.

Branding guides your language and behavior. It affects how you communicate when you sell your course and how you speak during the course itself. Use your brand to guide how you communicate during the course to stay consistent.

Your brand is your set of values. There are tons of infopreneurs across the internet. How do your clients know which course to buy? They go with yours because they can immediately pick up on who you are and what you stand for with your brand.

The best way to grow your business is to have a base of loyal fans to spread the good word about your course. This word of mouth marketing is extremely cost effective for building lasting relationships with dedicated clients–and growing your business in the process.

It all starts with solid branding that builds loyalty.

How to brand your course

Branding sounds complicated, but it’s easy to do if you have the right foundation. Use these four steps to create a brand that stands out.

  1. Build and define your culture
    You can’t have a brand without a culture; the two are inseparable. Culture guides how you think, speak, and act. Define the culture around your brand and courses to determine how you communicate it to others. For example, are you a swear-happy former biker or are you a sweet soccer mom from Ohio?
  2. Add eye-catching visuals
    This isn’t the time to have your best friend’s former college roommate’s kid do your graphic design. Partner with a trusted designer to create stunning visuals that say “here I am.” Once you’ve defined your culture, create visuals that align with your values. This will help you communicate who you are in mere seconds to potential clients.
  3. Know your audience
    Do you want to know the most fatal flaw any business makes with their branding? They fail to think about their target customer. They build the business first without considering who’s buying their product. You’re building a course for your audience. Know their values, state of mind, and needs when building your brand.
  4. Make it emotional
    A touch of emotion helps potential clients build and immediate bond with your brand. We recommend going for positive emotions like relaxation, happiness, or knowledge that makes clients more likely to feel positive when they see your brand.


The bottom line

Branding is something many infopreneurs overlook in favor of cranking out courses more quickly. But why pour your blood, sweat, and tears into a product if you don’t have a framework to sell it? Branding gives you the much-needed structure for communicating who you are and how you help your clients. It’s an important aspect of creating any business product, including eLearning videos.


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