Producing a lot of eLearning Videos and Animation? Use Trello

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eLearning and Microlearning video animation organization hack - Trello!

Organizing an eLearning video course is a time consuming task. Trello is part of our secret sauce in production success. Picture this: You are planning on producing more than 5 videos a month with subject matter experts, writers, video and project managers in different locations?

Efficient project management and team communication are essential to meeting important deadlines for elearning animation and elearning video production. Revisions and communication issue prevention will save your budget and schedule.

Ninjatropic has produced 1000’s of videos for infopreneurs, agencies and clients. We have learned from and created the best processes in the industry for mass training video production.

We firmly believe that Trello is the BEST tool for working with teams of subject matter experts to post production teams! Check out this trello sample project board!

Trello is the perfect tool to coordinate writers, subject matter experts, instructional designers, producers, voice over artists, and entire creative teams, whether located in the same building/floor or scattered across the globe.

For elearning video production, you can use Trello to track what needs to be accomplished and who needs to be doing it during Pre-Production, Production, and Post Production stages. This is also a unique visual way to showcase throughput – the completion of objectives, products, or in this case – videos.

Step 1. Define your stages

First, make a comprehensive list of the steps in your production line. In
this example, we are focusing on an elearning video that has
live-action and advanced animation.
The goal is to have a clear stage and list that can trigger an action. For
this example, the stages are

  • Learning Objective
  • Scripting
  • Filming
  • Storyboarding
  • Storyboard Review
  • Scene Design
  • Scene Review
  • Animation
  • Animation Review
  • Complete! Horayyy!

Step 2. Define your team

Each team should have an action at each stage or list. For example, when the storyboarding team is done, they move the card to review. If the draft is approved, it can be advanced by the review team to scene design. If there are edits, the review team can push it back to storyboarding.

At each stage, think about the tasks that your team will need to accomplish for the stage to be considered “finished”.

As a shortcut, we often create a template video card that has pre existing checklists, folder links and teams. This allows you to copy the video card without having to add every unique detail.

It’s important that you add the specific team members to the task cards they are responsible for accomplishing. Trello will notify them of changes made to the card and about task deadlines via email.

The bottom line

Congratulations. You are officially a TrelloNinja! I hope that you find this useful and engaging! We are always excited about building more effective workflows.  Now you can start organizing your eLearning video course like a Ninja!

As you can tell, the ninjas are obsessed with processes and using trello. If you would like your free trello production plan – please just ask the
chat bubble below. We will happily set up a call to discuss.


Awesome art made by our ninja

Otto Paredes