Training Video Script Example

How to prepare a script for an educational video

Does your company need to teach its employees about a concept or a process? A training video is an excellent way to help them visualize and learn a process. Video training is also proven to help them with content retention: while learners recall just 10% of the text they read, they remember 65% of visual content and 95% of audio-visual content (Crockett, 2010).

Video-based learning is also the preferred method of instruction. According to a Forrester Research report, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read a document, email, or article (2019). 

Which training video is right for your organization?

Training videos come in many styles to meet various learning needs. For example, thought leadership/Advanced concepts videos (also called advanced concepts videos) explain a complex process or thought, while subject matter expert (SME) videos interview a person considered to be knowledgeable on a certain topic.

Other styles of training videos are scenario-based videos, which use situation-based characters and an overview of a situation to help a learner better understand a scenario or differing point of view, and classic storytelling videos, which do what one might guess: they tell a story!

Perhaps one of the most common styles of training videos is a how-to video, which explains how to do something (such as a process). Software tutorials, step-by-step process instructions, and high-level process overviews are examples of how companies use how-to training videos for their clients and employees. This article provides an example of a how-to training video script in order for you to see how effective they can be when organized and written correctly.

Training Video Sample Script (How-to)

A how-to training video typically follows the outline below.

  • Introduction: 
    • What this video is about
    • Why this process is this important/its purpose
    • Why the presenter or organization is the trusted voice on this subject
    • Any background information required for the viewer
  • Body:
    • Step-by-step walkthrough of the concept or process. (Note: the level of details and timing/pace depends on the learning objective and granular details.)
  • Conclusion:
    • End with a reinforcing point 
    • Include a call-to-action

Training Video Script Example (How-to)

The training video example script below follows the outline suggested above. This example script is for a company’s emergency evacuation plan for a fire. Most U.S. states require companies to create and provide training on their emergency evacuation plan. 

The narrator will read everything in this script except what is in [brackets]. Remember: this is just a sample script and not intended for your company to adopt as its official fire safety plan.

The Bottom Line

Since video training comes in many forms (including thought leadership/advanced concepts videos, subject matter expert videos, scenario-based videos, storytelling videos, and how-to’s), they provide the flexibility organizations need to create engaging content.

Yet these training videos are not just visually appealing: they are an excellent way to improve content retention and are the preferred method of instruction for audiences.

The right script makes all the difference when creating your content: make sure yours is comprehensive and well-written by hiring a professional writer or using Ninja Tropic’s resources for scriptwriting.

Are you ready to get started on writing and creating a training video? Learn more about training with our useful article on Training Script Templates, or contact Ninja Tropic. Our teams of designers and writers are here to help!