Sourcing Training Video Production Companies

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So, You Need Production Help

If you’ve been thinking about expanding your company’s eLearning and Training Video libraries, you might be wondering how to find the right training video production company for your projects.

It might seem like there are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of options to choose from, but in reality, there are only 3: Freelancers, In-House Production, and Agencies.

1. Freelancers

Freelancers are essentially talent-for-hire. They have a specialized skill set that makes them adept at completing small projects quickly or a single large scale project over a longer period of time.

Freelancers also offer a unique value in that you can tweak your talent needs to fit your budget in most cases. However, a lone freelancer doesn’t have the ability to scale up as your training video production needs increase.

After all, there are only so many hours in a day. Not to mention, if you ever have a need to change freelancers, you’ll be faced with inconsistent standards of quality and organization.

training video production, training, video production companies
training video production, training, video production companies

2. In-house staff

In a perfect world, companies would have enough funds or access to local talent to hire internal animators. You have more flexibility and control with in-house resources.

But for all its charms, in-house staffing has a few pitfalls, namely cost. Top talent comes at a premium and unlike paying a freelancer for short-term help, your company pays the animators a salary–even when there isn’t much to animate.

The return on investment for in-house staffing configurations is a challenging mix that depends heavily on available talent pools and volume of work. 

3. Agencies

eLearning agencies specialize in, well, eLearning. Their job is to create SCORM compliant courses and self-paced modules using common authoring tools. While they may have a lot of talent at their fingertips, they are rarely talented at video.

Training video production takes a special set of skills to do well and if the quality of your video matters to you, you’ll hunt for an agency that can provide exceptional support.

That support comes at a premium. Hourly rates for agency training video production make it hard for budget-minded companies to get a final product that meets all their needs.

training video production, training, video production companies

The Ninja Tropic Difference

Ninja Tropic was founded on the principle of balance. We balance quality, efficiency, and economy in a way that allows our customers, of any size, to benefit. We’ve combined all the best parts of freelancers, in-house staff, and the agency model to create a 100% internal team offering prices that compete with freelancers and quality that rivals top agencies.

Let’s take a look using a side by side comparison

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The Ninja Tropic Difference

Because our staff work as a unit, our customers get the benefit of uniformity in their final products. We adhere to the same standards of quality and workflow management to create a seamless experience whether we’re creating 1 or 100 videos.

Ninja Tropic staff work together to realize your training video goals without the agency hourly price. In fact, our rate structure is based on the length of the video rather than hours worked. This means we can offer you a fixed price for your videos all while being able to scale production as big or as small as you need it to be.

Judge for Yourself

Before finding us, many of our clients struggle with finding a reliable training video production company because of a huge gap in the industry. The eLearning industry is full of incredibly talented generalist agencies for SCORM, Gamification, Simulations, but, as we’ve mentioned, not so much in video.

The key to finding and vetting the ideal training video solution provider comes down to 3 steps:

training video production, training, video production companies video, training companies

1. Review their system

Always ask a prospective agency for their training video process. You want someone who has an efficient system already in place for providing scripting, revisions, animation, and more. In other words, go with someone who has a proven, repeatable system.

If you choose an agency that offers video as a one-off service, they don’t have an efficient process because they don’t have the staff. You aren’t a part of their primary business model, which means you’re spending time and money with them, but you’re hardly their priority.

2. Test their ability with a sample

Has this agency actually done training videos before? Ask them how many animators they have on staff vs the number of freelancers they hire. This will shine a light on just how dedicated they are to training videos and whether or not they have the know-how to support you. 

Remember, in-house resources, like our team of 50+ in-house animators, means you get consistent quality on schedule. 

If they have staff in-house and you are producing more than 10 minutes of video –ASK FOR A FREE VIDEO SAMPLE!

This is an industry-standard. If you are producing less than 10 minutes of video – ask for a concept scene.

training video production, training, video production companies

3. Get a fixed price

Some agencies charge you an arm and a leg (and maybe another leg) for training video production–choose an agency that fits with your budget.

Ninja Tropic keeps our rates as low as freelancer pricing thanks to our cost-effective setup. 

After you get your sample, they should be able to provide you a fixed price for your project. A price-per-minute agreement allows you to make adjustments to your work products to fit your budget. A price per project makes it hard to know exactly what the agency is charging for and how to make adjustments to get the most for your money.


Choosing a training video production company is an important first step in creating videos for your audience, that’s why we offer free consultations and brainstorming sessions. Reach out to us today to find out if Ninja Tropic is right for you!

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