SocialRep, a company providing software and services to establish, accelerate and sustain social marketing and sales across worldwide partner networks, reached out to Ninja Tropic for aid.


The company needed content research, scripting, video tutorials, and LMS consulting – all within a three-month period. They also wanted to provide training on fundamental social media and social selling training on a platform that could integrate with their Social Media Center, as their online training initiative is used to support their direct coaching program.

We partnered with them to create an outstanding video training series on social media fundamentals. The courses consisted of motion graphics, b-roll and screen-share with a professional voice over.


In order to create the videos fast and without error, we combined some video editing tricks and animation resources. Keywords were represented with icons created in Adobe Illustrator and brought to life with stylish animations from After Effects.

For the backgrounds, we wanted something more dynamic to truly captivate the viewer. Using a subscription plan for www.videoblocks.com, we were able integrate stock footage that fit the video’s theme and added another level of quality to the product.

Combining both stock videos and motion graphics enhanced the style, but since the videos required the explanation of specific processes with online tools, we needed to incorporate a screencast recording. Using professional audio recording tools, we were able to develop an instructional voice over that established a more comprehensive video for their customers.


Within the three-month window, NinjaTropic was able to produce all SocialRep’s required work and stay under budget. SocialRep continues to use our expertise with their online training program and are continuing production.