Scripting a eLearning Video vs SCORM Course

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We talk a lot about SCORM courses here at Ninja Tropic.

Scripting a SCORM courses it’s as simple as scripting a microlearning and eLearning video course.

Generally speaking, SCORM is not our favorite eLearning method. Click-through content, timers, and bland design mean learners have a hard time paying attention to SCORM courses.

But many instructional designers stick with SCORM because it’s what they know

Fortunately, writing a script for a SCORM course is very similar to writing an eLearning and microlearning video script. You use four components to write better scripts:

  • Learning objective
  • Structure
  • Information/content
  • Storytelling

SCORM and videos are similar in those three ways. Check out this microlearning script process that is very similar.

  • Start with a learning objective
  • Tell a story
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Use a visual storyboard to compliment narration

But the biggest difference between SCORM and videos is pacing.

SCORM courses tend to be slower and self-paced. Because of that, you can’t play with your pacing as a learning tool.

eLearning and microlearning videos are different. They can be fast and engaging. If you want to convey enthusiasm or emotion, video pacing is the way to do it.

But if you’re already dedicating the time and resources to writing a eLearning and microlearning script, you might as well use it for a medium that your learners enjoy, right?

Not sure how to make that happen? I’m free for a short chat this week if you’re curious. Want to put some time on the calendar?


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