Sales Training Character Animation

While eLearning Animation an effective medium for convenient learning, some people think it’s missing the human element. This is where Microlearning Character animation works wonders!

Let’s face it – most learning departments don’t have the budget for a Hollywood film crew and controlling eLearning live-action video quality is risky.

Salesboost Microlearning animated character

Ninja Tropic helps our client, Salesboost, do just that. This training platform uses character-animated videos to coach salespeople in the hospitality industry. What’s neat about this approach is that Salesboost isn’t just doing video, but building on video with interviews and interactive features.

Check out the video here. Salesboost loved the video so mucho that Ninja Tropic is creating more videos with them.

They do this with a 3-step process:

  • Microlearning simulation: Salesboost uses Microlearning, or short video modules, for on-demand lessons online. These courses are user-based and interactive.
  • Simulation Next: Salespeople go through online simulations, which are animated to look like real-world scenarios. They can participate in role-playing sessions to practice their skills.
  • Results: Salesboost also integrates coaching into its platform, where it offers coaching and assessments to learners for continuous improvement.

So, even if you have a people-focused business that needs a human touch, eLearning animation is still a viable option for training. Tools like Vyond and Adobe After Effects make the process really simple, effective and engaging. Yes, even the greatest eLearning Animation studio in the world (NinjaTropic) uses Vyond upon request (We typically take over Vyond projects after instructional designers give up on it).

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