Dr. Robby Edo and the Rinyo team are dedicated to creating modern resources for the Syriac language in all its various dialects. Rinyo excels in offering exciting learning tools for all ages around the globe, from mobile games and apps, to songs, videos, and other interactive tools.

Dr. Edo started 2D animation but had the ambition of creating impressive 3D elearning products for children, ensuring Mesopotamian culture could survive and thrive in the 21st Century.


The problem is that Rinyo Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, doesn’t have a Pixar budget. In fact, most businesses wouldn’t even consider 3D animation with their financial status. Further deterring the majority is the idea that 3D is viewed as a slow and tedious process, limiting their company’s momentum.

2D and 3D eLearning Ninja Tropic
2D and 3D eLearning Ninja Tropic
2D and 3D eLearning Ninja Tropic

NinjaTropic entered the scene to prove them wrong and help Rinyo develop stunning content for elearning.

The Ninja team is taking a collaborative approach, using Iclone 7 and their character creator to produce all the materials Rinyo needs to continue engaging children. The content store and 2D backgrounds give fast and affordable options, improving the speed at which videos are created.

2D and 3D eLearning Ninja Tropic

“We have one ninja, full-time, on this and we are creating awesome things!

This will be an amazing elearning video for children using Iclone 3D animation software. We are excited about this production AND the impact it will make. We are preserving a culture!”