Microlearning Video Trends We’ll See in 2021

microlearning trends, microlearning video, interactive learning, microlearning

It is never too early to review the Microlearning Video Trends that wait for us this next 2021!

We all know training new hires and veteran employees alike can be a time-consuming process. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, education is open to anyone with a connection! 

Tutorial videos and other Microlearning Video techniques are often used to teach new hires specific skills and techniques, allowing employees to learn at their own pace. Here’s how Microlearning through eLearning videos works!

What is Microlearning?

To put it simply, microlearning is a method of education that involves teaching new information in short bursts. Microlearning videos can help people learn and retain specific information quickly, one step at a time

How-to videos, interactive learning games, and even short articles like this one all qualify as microlearning, as all forms present information concisely and directly. One of the most effective mediums for microlearning, of course, is the eLearning video. Here are a few trends we expect to see this upcoming year:

Interactive videos

The interactive video takes the how-to video to a whole new level. By providing links to more detailed information, other how-to videos, step-by-step lists, and transcriptions, detailed education becomes available to everyone. With short educational videos, it can be difficult to fit so much essential information into just a few minutes of content. Fortunately with interactive videos, content creators can catch their audience’s attention and leave them wanting more—  and they can do it instantly! 

With the interactive video’s short format, companies can create a series of videos on just about any topic. Each video may cover a different concept, or all videos might expand upon one larger idea. Finally, interactive videos can do anything from teach learners how to perform specific skills to address important questions that employees commonly ask. Employers can then compile these videos into a playlist for easy access–say, on the company’s YouTube channel.

microlearning trends, microlearning video, interactive learning, microlearning
microlearning trends, microlearning video, interactive learning, microlearning

VR/AR Integration

For some people, learning is doing, but some environments may not allow for much interactive learning. With virtual reality, people can complete microlearning tasks anywhere, as long as they have the right equipment to make it happen.

Virtual reality and augmented reality systems are already used in many museums to provide an interactive learning experience to visitors. After all, people tend to get somewhat fidgety if they have to listen to the same tour guide or lecturer for hours. 

Fortunately, as the technology for VR/AR learning becomes more widely available to the general public, we may soon see trainees working in a VR kitchen or with the help and direction of augmented reality to hone their skills or to learn new unfamiliar concepts.

Viewer Ratings for Company Videos

When people can rate a video or article on a 1-5 scale or even just“like” or “dislike” the video, they are providing content creators with integral information regarding the value and relevance of their videos. By taking these ratings into account, content creators can better tailor their learning materials to meet their audiences’ interests and educational needs.

Additionally, by taking these ratings seriously, content creators are showing their viewers that their input matters and that they put their learning needs over their own egos. 

However, we do not see this often with employee training programs-until very recently. Employers have come to understand that the best learning happens when their workers feel as though they have a say in the process.

microlearning trends, microlearning video, interactive learning, microlearning

To best help improve training videos, create more detailed content, and allow viewers to ask questions, adding ratings and feedback options to corporate microlearning videos can help adjust content to best fit how users learn, provide up-to-date information, and create videos that answer any questions trainees may have.

microlearning trends, microlearning video, interactive learning, microlearning

At-Home Integration

Microlearning on the job already saves trainees and employers time by eliminating the need to schedule long training sessions and turning them into interactive learning.

With this in mind, what if training could be done from the comfort of one’s home? By offering trainees microlearning videos that they can view at home or audio that they can listen to on their commute to work, employers may decrease time spent training new hires, which in turn saves money. Additionally, it will allow trainees to work at their own pace. 

When new hires have the options to complete their video training at home, they can watch a five-minute video and use any extra time they have to take notes.  

Some may even choose to watch a video more than once, allowing them to take in new information bit by bit whenever they are free. In both scenarios, employees do not have to spend hours in a backroom trying to concentrate on the material while also trying to tune out any distractions.

What’s more, by tracking how long they spend logged into the company’s website to train, employees can even be paid during their at-home training sessions.

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