Microlearning Video Solution Provider Guide

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Thinking about hiring a Microlearning Video agency?

If you are in the market for eLearning and Microlearning Video, you might be a little frustrated finding an affordable eLearning and Microlearning Video production Company. 

Before finding us, our clients struggled with this because of a huge gap in the industry. The eLearning industry is full of incredibly talented generalist agencies for SCORM, Gamification, Simulations. 

Finding and vetting the ideal eLearning and Microlearning Video solution provider comes down to 3 steps: 

1. Review their system

Always ask a prospective agency for their eLearning Video process. You want someone who has an efficient system already in place for providing scripting, revisions, animation, and more. In other words, go with someone who has a proven, repeatable system.

If you choose an agency that offers video as a one-off service, they don’t have an efficient process because they don’t have the staff. You’re their guinea pig, which means you’re wasting time and money on a low-quality product or they are subcontracting to a freelancer – slowing the production time. 

2. Test their ability with a sample

Has this agency actually done eLearning and Microlearning Videos before? Ask them how many animators do they have on staff vs the amount that they freelance. 

Remember, ask whether their team will be subcontracted or whether they’re in-house. In-house resources, like our team of 50+ in-house animators, means you get consistent quality on schedule. 

If they have staff in-house and you are producing more than 10 minutes of video –ASK FOR A FREE VIDEO SAMPLE!

This is an industry-standard. If you are producing less than 10 minutes of video – ask for a concept scene.

3. Get a fixed price

Some agencies charge you an arm and a leg (and maybe another leg) for eLearning and Microlearning video solution, Choose an agency that fits with your budget.

Ninja Tropic keeps our rates at low, freelancer pricing thanks to our cost-effective setup. 

After you get your sample, they should be able to provide you a fixed-price per minute.

Are you exploring other options?

Let’s say you need to crank out 50 videos. How are you going to produce them on time and within your budget?

We founded Ninja Tropic because there wasn’t a reliable source to crank out high-volume, high-quality Videos on a budget. Before Ninja Tropic, eLearning pros had to turn to: 

1. Freelancers

Freelancers are fine providers if you’re making a few eLearning videos. They’re also really affordable. Problem is, freelancers can’t work at scale. They also lack consistent quality and organization, which means you can’t guarantee results with a team of freelancers. . 

2. In-house staff

In a perfect world, companies would have enough funds or access to local talent to hire internal animators.

You have more flexibility and control with in-house resources. But there’s the issue of budget, finding skilled employees in your area, and having enough work in the pipeline.

3. Agencies

Agencies can do high-quality eLearning and Microlearning Videos. But people usually don’t turn to agencies just because of the exorbitant cost.

Thankfully, we’re out of the dark ages. Ninja Tropic combines the best of freelancers, in-house staff, and agencies. Our 100% internal team offers prices that compete with freelancers and quality that rivals top agencies.

Get in touch now for your FREE brainstorming session with our team of video pros.


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