Microlearning video as a Branding Strategy

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The branding in your Microlearning video course plays a really important roll. We have a lot of companies that come out to us with a solution already in mind: Microlearning videos. Explaining why video is awesome feels kind of redundant, but there are a lot of instructional designers who see video as a tactical tool. They are absolutely right, but it is important tounderstand the impact on branding and customer (yes, employees are customers) experience.

For companies that produce external training content, microlearning videos are a no brainer. Why, because it guarantees the easiest and best brand experience. Video is also foolproof. They know the external learner, which is often a customer, doesn’t care and has plenty of distractions

The thing is, microlearning video is a strategic learning tool.

It impacts every aspect of your company, having a huge impact on culture and employee engagement. That translates to cold, hard numbers that ultimately affect your profitability


Brands need to promote themselves internally with their eLearning videos, too. Instead of treating video as a one-off tactic, embrace it as a management

Employees disengage during SCORM courses and even classroom training. The external market is demanding video, and that means your
learners want it, too. This medium gives employees ultimate control over their experience, saving time while boosting retention and follow-through.

Plus, microlearning video courses are more emotional than a click-through PowerPoint. If you want people to feel excited, motivated, or concerned about an issue, video is the key.

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