Interactive Video Platforms Are The Future Of Online Learning

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We’re living in the future; nobody learns from textbooks or stuffy classrooms any more. Most learning happens online, whether in the form of digitized books, podcasts, or videos.

Videos, in particular, have a lot of promise for online learning. If you want to make the most of what video has to offer you as a course creator, embrace technology.

Interactive video platforms, like eLearning Management Systems (LMS), connect instructors and students like never before. Instructors can provide high quality, interactive content to students, no matter the distance. On the flip side, students can enjoy more flexibility to learn where and when they want.

If you want to improve learner retention, engagement, and achievement, it’s time to invest in an LMS with interactive video content.


The importance of an eLearning Management System

Why switch to video on an LMS? Why can’t you limp by with an old-fashioned textbook?

You certainly can try to learn the old way, but your learners won’t retain anything.

Think about it: everyone is using video right now. You can’t hop on the internet for one minute without watching a video.

Why? Because video is shareable and engaging. It gives us an avenue to connect with each other in a way that mimics real life.

We’re seeing an increasing demand for more video in LMS, and with good reason. Here’s why an interactive LMS is critical to your success.

  1. It’s affordable
    That’s right! LMS is actually affordable. In fact, an LMS platform helps you track learner progress and communicate with them all in one place. If you want an all-in-one system for interactive video learning, an LMS is right for you.
  2. Boost engagement
    Every instructor wants an engaged class. However, traditional videos are a little passive. Interactive videos on an LMS change the game.You can boost engagement with an LMS by providing relevant, engaging content when your learners are most interested. They can check the LMS from the comfort of their desktop at work or even their smartphone on the subway.
  3. No more passive learningLMS platforms give you more creative freedom for your videos.We know that passive learning isn’t really learning at all. Clickable, interactive videos on an LMS function like an app that pull your learners into the content.

    Don’t worry that learners are just clicking through a course for a grade. The LMS ensures your course is hands-on and actually
    teaching your learners.

Our favorite LMS

Not sure where to find an LMS? Everyone’s needs are different, so what’s right for another instructor won’t be right for you.

That said, here are three of our favorite LMS platforms to get your interactive video course off on the right foot.

    The WIREWAX LMS has over 25,000 users. They’re known for their interactive content and customization features. Best of all, they can easily scale with you as you grow your following.What’s most unique about the WIREWAX LMS is their motion-tracking tech. This allows you to use motion tracking for people and video scenes. You can easily boost engagement by linking what the user is seeing and engaging with in your course.
  2. Rapt Media
    Rapt Media created a cloud-based LMS that’s known for speed. Their drag-and-drop builder allows you to create an app-like video experience for your eLearning course.Rapt Media also provides in-depth analytics for your course. You can tweak your course in real time depending on learner insights. If you’re addicted to data and fast iterations, Rapt could be a good LMS for you.
  3. HapYak
    HapYak specializes in corporate training, but this LMS can be used for any type of course. There’s no minimum size for HapYak, either; you can join with as little as one video.HapYak can be summed up in one word: flexibility. This platform has plenty of integration options to make your life a lot easier. You can not only measure your learners’ progress in the course, but also lead generation for your course’s sales.

The bottom line

Learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Embrace the technological tools that are readily and affordably at your disposal. The right eLearning Management System video strategy boosts retention and learner satisfaction. Embrace interactivity and see your learners achieve even more.

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