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Medical educators know it's important to keep up with the times. That's why it's important to offer only the best learning resources for medical professionals. In fact, new educational methods, like elearning video animation, have the potential to increase student engagement and understanding.

This is what made Dr. Mouhamad Yabrodi seek out NinjaTropic's help. Dr. Yabrodi wanted to lead the charge for more innovative learning solutions in the medical field.


Because of that, he wanted to create an interactive game with elearning video animation. In the game, learners can witness the insertion and maintenance of a temporary central line. Dr. Yabrodi's goal with the game is to reduce the chance of infection in real world application. Most importantly, this game has the potential to literally save lives, helping both doctors and patients.

medical training videos, eLearning training videos
medical training videos, eLearning training videos
medical training videos, eLearning training videos

Dr. Yabrodi needed to find a partner with existing Unity developers to create the game. He found a perfect partner with NinjaTropic.

We designed the eLearning simulation to walk learners through potentials mistakes. NinjaTropic built a digital ICU environment with 2D illustration techniques and smart layering. We perfected the simulation in a video game style.

Of course, NinjaTropic had to do in-depth research to animate the medical procedures in an accurate an clear way. We combined some frame-by-frame with motion graphics and rigging for the most accurate representation.

medical training videos, eLearning training videos

We prepared the assets in separate files, like .MP4 video and .PNG, to be used in the Unity platform. This enabled the videos to be interactive for the learners.


At the end of the collaboration, NinjaTropic produced a medically accurate and interactive experience for Dr. Yabrodi. Now his students will have a more engaging and fun learning experience that will save lives!