Improve Your Corporate Training Experience Through Microlearning

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Job training can be tough, especially when you have to learn remotely. After all, no two people learn alike. Some learners thrive when they have ample visual cues, while others need constant action if they are to stay focused for long.

Fortunately, through microlearning and other interactive eLearning styles, training employees has never been easier!

Here are some ways microlearning videos can bring out the best in your corporate training program:

What is Microlearning?

Before we begin, let’s cover what exactly microlearning is. Microlearning is a form of eLearning that focuses on teaching content in short bursts. Short videos, blog posts, audio, and even simple games all count as forms of microlearning, as they break the content down into easy-to-retain pieces.

As a result, learners are much more likely to remember this information long-term, no matter when in their life they learn it or in what setting. That means that learners can reap valuable information from the material at home if they must.

Because corporate training is relatively simple to manage online via short lessons, microlearning techniques have become quite popular in the corporate world. Here is why microlearning works for training employees, even for the largest corporations:

Time at Work

Thanks to microlearning, most companies do not need to worry about scheduling six to eight-hour training shifts for new hires. As a result, such companies can spend less time on teaching new hires, and more time on helping their newest employees adjust to their new work environment.

When employees can learn in short bursts on the clock, they can learn the skills most pertinent to them at the time, instead of being bombarded by information that may be useful but not particularly relevant to their role. In sum, employees can focus on the tasks they specialize in instead of learning jobs they aren’t hired to do.

Training can Happen Anytime, Anywhere

The main appeal of eLearning is that people can learn anytime, anywhere, including outside of the workplace. When an employee is off the clock, they can still access and review training content from their home computers, making it easy for them to train on their own. That way, they can arrive at work ready to apply what they have learned.

Some online microlearning programs even track employee sign-ins, and how long they spend on the site at a time, so that employers can compensate them accordingly for training!

Let Employees Train at Their Own Pace

Not only do many microlearning methods allow employees to learn when they want; they also let employees learn however they want. Let’s say an employee works far from home. Taking the time to commute to train each day can be difficult, especially if they work someplace where they regularly have to learn how to use new software or how to perform special tasks. Fortunately, these employees can train from home, saving themselves plenty of time..

This idea works for people who prefer to learn on-the-clock as well. For example, some people may learn best by taking in information and then immediately applying it to a real-life scenario. With microlearning, a learner can cover a small portion of information and then put it to use immediately, ensuring that they understand the concept before moving on.

Enjoy Mobile Compatibility

Yet another bonus of microlearning and eLearning as a whole is its level of compatibility. These days, everyone has a phone, and that means job training just got ten times easier! With mobile compatible learning models, employees can train at home, on the bus, or even in the back room when there isn’t a computer available.

This can shorten training times for many learners, which means they will be thriving at their actual jobs in no time. Since most microlearning modules are mobile-friendly, an employer may even be able to implement AR or VR into their employee training.

Improve Learner Engagement

Overall, the main goal of microlearning modules is to improve learner engagement. By making job training accessible to everyone and allowing for mobile compatibility, more employees will feel inclined to complete the training. With the short bursts that make microlearning the powerhouse it is, learners can train at their own pace, more easily identifying their strengths along the way.

Learners can also note any areas with which they struggled and simply come back to them later. What’s more, employers can devote their time exclusively to helping employees improve in these weaker areas, which in turn can strengthen employee/employer relationships and overall make the workplace more inviting as a whole.


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