How to Storyboard Microlearning Videos?

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The 5 step guide to storyboarding your microlearning videos that will save your budget and deadline.

Storyboard videos

Storyboarding your microlearning videos is the first and the most important step (after your script)! Most eLearning departments write a script and pair it with a scene description. While that’s quicker to put together, the issue is that most people are visual learners. If you don’t visualize the course before you build it, you’re missing out on easy fixes early in the process. 

If you go with a visual storyboard, you can see the true elements for your course, like the characters and tone. By putting your energy into a visual storyboard, you can do more revisions upfront, which are faster and cheaper to do. 

Visual storyboards aren’t common in eLearning, but they should be. Invest in a disciplined process to save more time and money in the long run.

Here are 5 easy steps to create your next storyboard!

  • Review the learner persona and brand guidelines and choose an awesome avatar. Avatars are powerful learning agents that can transform a boring subject into an interesting one. They are relatable characters in a course that share strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats. 
  • Research, research, research! This should go without saying… Before you begin any storyboarding for microlearning videos, you should conduct contextual research. You’re more likely to get a clearer picture of what is actually happening the closer you get to the learner’s world.
  • Use our template This is an easy to use template free of charge to start drawing!
  • Breakdown your script and timeline. Break your script into the scenes and perspectives that are relevant to the learning objective. 
  • Verify with SMEs and learners. Test your content! You will save your budget and timeline if you get bad news here. Yes, we said it – look for bad news here and then get proper sign-off!
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Having trouble with this process?

Storyboarding is very difficult for elearning professionals and even animators. This isn’t just about being able to draw. This is about interpreting your script in a creative visual way, telling a story that aligns with your content. By definition, visual storytelling might seem pretty straightforward and simple— it’s the art/science of communicating a series of messages using graphics and illustrations.


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