How to Implement Mobile Learning

Mobile learning

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If you have a smartphone, you have the world at your fingertips. Millions of adults across the globe own at least one smart device. The result is constant connectivity during our busy lives.

Learners don’t have the time to sit down and receive traditional classroom content. Today’s learners are on the go and need personalized learning tailored to their needs.

Savvy course creators know that online, mobile learning is the future.

The essentials of mobile learning

Mobile learning happens on the go. You can either adapt your eLearning course to a mobile platform, or create point-of-need mobile resources.

Mobile learning can happen either in a mobile-optimized website or through a native app. Many courses even blend the two. The best option depends on your coding capabilities and learner needs.

The case for mobile learning

Your learners are already learning on their mobile devices. But if you need even more proof, there are two main reasons to use mobile learning.

  1. Access any time, anywhere
    Learners don’t have to attend a classroom session to learn. They can pick up their phone and learn during their commute, lunch break, or during commercial breaks.Mobile learners get instant access to material, so they can learn when it’s most convenient for their schedule.Learners also have a trove of information at their fingertips, making it easier than ever before to look up information quickly.
  2. Retention
    Some people think classroom learning is more engaging. However, studies show that mobile learning actually helps learners feel more engaged. This, in turn, helps learners retain more information from the eLearning course.Gamified experiences tend to work better for retention. Features like leaderboards and badges motivate learners to continue the course.Mobile learning is a strong choice for any course. Make sure you align your mobile course with learner needs to get the most out of the course.

Essential features for mobile learning

Not sure what to include in your mobile course? These features are a must-have for any eLearning course.

  1. Constant access
    Mobile learning needs to be available for your learners on a 24/7 basis. This enables students to work whenever and wherever is most convenient for them.Mobile apps also give instructors more flexibility and freedom. Upload materials quickly with your smartphone or conduct research while you’re on the go.
  2. Assignment management
    Your mobile course also needs to use an efficient system for managing assignments and grading. Give your students a way to upload assignments in a mobile-friendly environment.You can also manage assignments, grades, and feedback in this environment. Give detailed feedback more quickly with zero manual, paper-based grading.
  3. Peer connection
    Learners perform better when they can connect with other students. Some students will even collaborate on the course, sharing notes with each other or forming study groups.Create a learning environment that encourages students to collaborate on the course material. Integrate with Google Docs or social media apps, for example.
  4. Instructor access
    You need to communicate with your students. Conveniently answer student questions in a messaging platform designed for your course, zero email or texting required.Don’t lose another student email in your crammed inbox. You don’t even need to give students your personal phone number, either. Just use native messaging within the mobile course for everyone’s convenience.
  5. Admin support
    Sometimes things go awry with technology. That’s why your students need access to administrative or tech support.Make sure your mobile platform offers some form of tech support to learners. This will improve learner satisfaction by removing barriers to learning.

The bottom line

Mobile learning is the future. Design today’s courses with tomorrow in mind. Cater to mobile users with mobile-friendly experiences that make learning more accessible.

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