How To Create Online Training For Busy Employees

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Globally, employees are strapped for time. Although technology enables us to complete more work in record time, workers are still busier than ever before. If you’re trying to set up an online training, you know that making time is the biggest challenge. You want to develop your staff’s skills and talents, but heavy workloads make it difficult for employees to grow.

The good news is that you can still offer training in a way that’s both convenient and cost-effective for your workers. Institute an online training program to help employees learn, even with a time crunch.

4 Strategies for Efficient eLearning

    • Short eLearning modules
    • Simulations
    • Job aids
    • Coaching
    • Podcasts, books, or videos
    • Action plans
  1. Focus on competency
    The worst eLearning is a course that repeats information employees already know. Create the most relevant, useful course possible by addressing competency gaps. What specific skills or abilities do your employees need? Create assets for each desired ability and map them to modules in your eLearning course. Try resources
  2. Focus on the benefits
    Employees need to understand why your training will benefit them. After all, they’re taking time out of their very busy schedule to complete this course. You don’t want them to feel like it was a waste of time! Stress the real-world applications and benefits of the course. Be as specific as possible, emphasizing how training affects career growth, ratings, and even earnings.
  3. Be flexible
    The best selling point of online learning is its flexibility. It’s very difficult to get all of your busy employees in one training at the same time. Let employees choose their training schedule. This way, they can learn when it’s most convenient for them without interrupting their workday. One way to encourage flexibility is to stay organized. Create a digitized, shared calendar with reminders and important dates about the training. This ensures employees meet training expectations without the hand-holding.
  4. Be immersive
    Mobile learning happens on the go. You can either adapt your eLearning course to a mobile platform, or create point-of-need mobile resources. 
    Mobile learning can happen either in a mobile-optimized website or through a native app. Many courses even blend the two. The best option depends on your coding capabilities and learner needs.

The bottom line

Online learning saves your employees more time. Embrace competency models, focus on the benefits, stay flexible, and build an immersive experience. Good upfront planning will ensure your learners have a convenient, enjoyable learning experience while building competency.

Don’t sweat your next training. Partner with someone who’s been there before. Ninja Tropic has been designing corporate eLearning programs for years. Give us a ring to plan your next amazing course.