Darius Foster, CEO of H2T Digital, is building a digital learning ecosystem, a structure that helps universities, government agencies, regional cohorts and local organizations drive economic growth.


The H2T team has big production goals and a short time to execute.

eLearning video, 2D eLearning
eLearning video, 2D eLearning

Initially, they started with a freelancer, but poor communication and processes forced them to pursue other options. With one call to the Ninja team, they found their solution.

Working with their internal graphic designer, NinjaTropic developed an outstanding production line. H2T sent storyboards, graphics and project files that the Ninjas ran through Vyond, creating professional quality videos that pushed their business to the next level.

The relationship between H2T Digital and Ninja Tropic is the perfect example of what collaboration can do. The team rocked the production line, creating 16 videos, each at ten minutes long, within two months and covered an array of topics.


Vyond provided a great option for character and motion graphics animations, and with the expert skills of the Ninjas, these elearning videos were engaging and informative.