Your learners deserve an experience that’s accessible, engaging, and results-oriented!

If you’re stuck in a rut with SCORM-compliant, click-through courses, you aren’t going to see real results with your eLearning. That’s because video courses are the present and the future. Instead of being a recommendation, eLearning videos are now a must. If you aren’t using video, you’re behind!


The problem is that many instructional designers and learning directors aren’t schooled in media production. That means you’re stuck using PowerPoint recordings that don’t resonate with your learners. It’s time to ditch the excuses. With today’s technology, anyone can create awesome eLearning videos.


The best part? Videos are affordable and fast to put together when you have the right tools, partners, and processes. Invest in a better learning experience while saving yourself tons of time, frustration, and money.

Scripts and templates are a great way to save time while cranking out good eLearning video.

Ninja Tropic has been using this very script for years. Use it for your eLearning to:

  1. Create a clean storyboard
  2. Arrange voice narration correctly
  3. Properly name and arrange all files 
  4. Ask the right questions to design better learning
  5. Track your instructional design and development timelines
  6. Follow your organization’s style guide
  7. Avoid mistakes with contractors or freelancers
  8. Save a lot of time on your learning design process

Stop bleeding your budget dry.

Focus on the learning by creating an A-plus video course for your organization—no special skills required.