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Professional eLearning narration is a must! It will save your team time, allow for diversity and give your courses the proper tone that resonates with your audience.

Whether you’re aiming to teach sales professionals new insights about positioning a product or healthcare professionals how to use a new medical device, e-learning narration in instructional and tutorial videos is extremely effective as an educational tool. Ninja Tropic offers standard professional narration.

Below is a list of our approved voiceover artists:


1) Celiaaurora7
2) Leiphoto
3) Staceythomas
4) Actressellen


5) Vomatt
6) Jamesvo
7) Heirwavman's
8) Usvoiceovermale
9) Brianon5rr
10) Blueburn67
11) Chrismatthewsdj

Boost user engagement and retention by giving your eLearning course a voice that is aligned with your brand and learner preferences.

Ninja Tropic offers professional voiceover services and we carefully craft a valuable narration for your eLearning video. Schedule a Free Consultation.