Philip Tisdall, MD, is an award-winning teacher and published author who trained at the Mayo Clinic and is a diplomat of the American Board of Pathology. On top of this, he’s a learningpreneur and CEO of the ClinicoPath Group.

The ClinicoPath Group, a self-funded startup, has the ambition of creating a profound video training that teaches students to think like doctors and start applying clinical reasoning to patient care.

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This profound goal brought an epic challenge – Dr. Tisdall needed hundreds of authentic whiteboard instructional videos of lectures to make this happen. Adding to the project’s difficulty was the average length of these lectures – 40 minutes!

medical training videos, whiteboard animation, medical whiteboard animation

An agency would have cost a fortune and the production scale would be far too large to trust remote freelancers.

This is when Dr. Tisdall found NinjaTropic.

We created a prototype video to gather data and create a production process to achieve his goals.

Tool and Process

To start, we collected all of Dr. Tisdall’s video lectures via screencast. He developed an entire class with a digital whiteboard and our mission was to recreate it in a more legible way.

We used calligraphic fonts to simulate handwriting and rendered a letter by letter opacity in to simulate real-time writing. Each word is carefully timed with the narration and each drawing is crafted inside Photoshop so the replication can be animated in After Effects, creating the impression of real-time development.

Finally, we applied cuts to the footage, removing gaps and lag times from the lecture to create a more concise and fluent video.


Dr. Tisdall’s General Pathology students were treated with an immersive experience, enhancing their learning potential. With a two full-time ninjas, and his account manager, Josh, Dr. Tisdall now has a system that is able to produce 220 minutes of professional elearning videos a month.