4 Sample Training Video Script Templates for eLearning

Are your employees ready to take on their responsibilities? Surprisingly, 70% of employees in the workforce admit they do not think they have the skills to do their jobs well (Gartner 2020).

This costs more than just morale: while companies with inadequately trained employees contribute to annual overall losses of $500 billion, a properly trained workforce can potentially increase a company’s profits by 21%.

With so much value placed on training, it is no surprise that companies are turning to eLearning and video training to meet their instructional needs and prepare their workforce. Whether your company is just moving into the realm of video training or looking to enhance your current suite of training videos, Ninja Tropic has sample training video scripts templates for eLearning to help you through the video creation process.

The Benefits of Video Training

The above-mentioned impacts on profitability only scratch the surface of the effects of properly training employees. There are also some subtle benefits to video training, such as improved employee morale: 76% of employees are continuously looking for ways to expand in their careers, and 68% of employees would like more training or learning in the workplace. With such a strong desire for more training, it is no surprise that 94% of employees agree to stay in their current positions if they receive the appropriate training.

Video training also comes with some more obvious benefits, such as the ease of distribution (versus training in more traditional settings), and the ability to control the training session’s content and branding. With so many advantages to creating educational training videos, it’s important to start the project off on the right foot with an effective training video script. But how do you create an effective educational video? These four sample training video script templates for eLearning will help you begin your project.

Tips for Writing Video Training Scripts

When writing the eLearning script for your training videos, be sure to first and foremost identify the purpose of the video and your learning objectives. What are you trying to teach or show employees? What knowledge or skills will they need to have gained after watching? And what are their next steps after watching the training video? Jotting these things down will help you identify the key areas of focus for your video.

When it comes to creating your training video script, you should always keep the skill levels and knowledge of your students in mind. Who is your audience? What do they already know about this subject? You may need to include background information and define terms or acronyms, and your definitions will need to match the language skills and level of knowledge your students have.

As you will soon learn, there are many “traditional” styles of training videos, such as how-to videos and thought leadership videos. Regardless of the type of video, when creating your eLearning video script, be sure to break everything into easy-to-understand steps. Teach new concepts at a pace that can easily be absorbed by your trainees. Finally, be sure to keep your eLearning training video script engaging and brief.

writing a training video script template for an eLearning course

Sample eLearning Scripts

1. How-To eLearning Video Sample Script

A how-to script will do what its name suggests: teach employees how to do something. When writing your script for a how-to video, be sure to break everything into steps: do not take for granted that your viewers will know background information or processes.

Your how-to training video script should follow this template:


Step-by-step walkthrough

Conclusion based call-to-action or reinforcing point

Use NinjaTropic’s How-to eLearning Script Template to craft your next script. From brainstorming to editing, this script has all of the tabs you need to collaborate on your next project!

2. Thought Leadership/Subject Matter Expert (SME)
eLearning Video Sample Script

A thought leadership video comes from a person or entity considered to be a thought leader in their field. These informative videos come from a trusted source, which makes them incredibly valuable.

Subject matter expert (SME) videos come from a subject matter expert, who is a person who is knowledgeable in their field. This person may not necessarily be established as a thought leader, but they are a trusted source to aid in instructional design.

Both thought leadership and subject matter expert training video scripts follow a similar template. Both should follow something similar to this form:


Focus on complex process or idea

Conclusion based call-to-action or reinforcing point

woman writing an instructional design script template

3. Scenario Video eLearning Sample Script

A scenario eLearning video script will present a scenario and train your employees how to deal with or understand this situation. These are incredibly useful for simulating real-life situations, such as issues with software or potential customer service issues.

Your scenario eLearning video script should follow this format:

Intro: Introduce a problem statement/current state

Thought leadership point

Step-by-step walkthrough of scenario

Options for engagement


4. Storytelling eLearning Sample Script

A storytelling training video will do exact what the name says: it will tell a story. These types of videos are excellent ways to tell the story of a company or explain a new company project or endeavor.

Your scenario eLearning video will vary based on the story told. Typically, a storytelling training script template will begin by introducing a character and their background, then showing a challenge that the protagonist will have to overcome. The story arc will include the protagonist overcoming this story, and end with a conclusion or a suggestion for another story. Here is one suggested version of the script:

Engaging hook/beginning of the story

Introduce the protagonist and their challenge

Story arc (the character overcoming their challenge)

An ending/conflict resolution. What happens next for the protagonist?

The Bottom Line

Training videos pay off in a big way for both employers and their employees. Beginning the process can be daunting: that’s why we offer our sample eLearning scripts to help you get started!

The above-mentioned sample eLearning scripts follow traditional forms used in the eLearning industry, but do not feel that you must stick to one of these forms: your video can be a combination of these scripts and follow its own form if that better meets the needs of your audience. If you’re feeling lost, consider hiring a professional writer––they can help guide you to craft a script that meets your needs!

After reading our sample training video script templates, do you need help choosing your style and format for your next training video? Contact Ninja Tropic: we are here to help you get started on your next video! If you need some inspiration, check out some of our sample videos!