A.T. Kearney is an American-based managements consulting firm, focusing on strategic and operational CEO-agenda issues facing businesses, governments and institutions around the world.


Their internal development department was looking for a scalable program to retain and mentor new recruits. Their extensive audience, that covered nearly every demographic, needed a solution for video based character animation.

training videos, consultant training videos, eLearning training videos
training videos, consultant training videos, eLearning training videos

ATK used Vyond but required production support for their various modules. They already understood that video is how people prefer learning with modern technology and they wanted to use video with Storyline 360.


They contacted NinjaTropic and we jumped to work, starting with a reboot of their system. We partnered with their internal development team to create an awesome production system, combining the animating training videos with articulate 360 to construct powerful, engaging elearning materials.


NinjaTropic’s backend support enabled ATK to improve their efficiency with clients and establish themselves a powerhouse in the global market.