Sales Training As a Tool

Learn to leverage sales training as an effective marketing tool! We worked with Optimum Sales powered by Sales Xceleration to create an awesome animated explainer about sales training as a tool [...]

5 Simple Ways To Market Like a Neuroscientist

We worked with Solutions8 to create an awesome animation on how to market like a scientist!    

What is A/B Testing and How to do a/b testing?

A/B Process broken down into six steps AB testing is the process of creating and testing multiple variations of a web page in order to identify variations that convert better with your [...]

What are key video marketing trends?

Unleash your creative genius - be weird So, why don’t marketers just make lots of fresh videos all the time? Because it used to be expensive and the cost-to-reward ratio wasn't [...]

How would a chatbot converse using videos?

Video chatbot animation  Did you know that Facebook thinks that chatbots should be involved in most conversations between businesses and their customers? The idea is “conversational commerce.” So, how would a [...]

How to Design for Experience?

"Experience isn’t just the next buzzword, it is the brand" Our second animated blog series was with Brian Solis from the Altimeter Group. This process was interesting to say the least. [...]

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